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Why I Became a Holistic Dentist – Dr. Lipovetskiy

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Boris Lipovetskiy, DMD, 31 years experience

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Hi dear visitor, and welcome to Advanced Dental Wellness Centre. It’s great to see that you’re here. This clearly means you are taking responsibility for your health and body and want to be the best version of yourself. In this 3-minute read, I want to share my personal life journey with you as a dental specialist. Together, we will explore what has led me to apply natural and holistic methods to my treatments.

Who I Am

Let me introduce myself first! My name is Dr. Lipovetskiy, and I am the owner of Advanced Dental Wellness Center, located in the Northern Part of Miami. I was born and raised in Russia, with my family tree almost completely made up of dentists. My dad and my granddad were dental professionals, as well as most of our close relatives.

I completed my first dental degree at one of the top schools in Russia — Perm State Medical University — in 1988. Shortly after graduating, I landed my first job in a prestigious and highly innovative dental clinic in Perm. I was impressed by the laser equipment used in that clinic. Furthermore, I was amazed at how the laser techniques were producing a great impact on patients while killing all bacteria and treating cavities.

Inspired by this experience from early in my career, I am also implementing the use of laser treatments in my clinic. Today, laser treatments are one of the safest and most effective dental procedures to exist.

I got my second degree in a private American School – Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in 1994. I also received additional certifications from the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies as a specialist in Neuromuscular and Cosmetic Dentistry. With extensive training and expertise, I offer my clients more than 30 years of work experience in various dental fields with a focus on holistic and cosmetic oral care.

Top Holistic Dentist in Miami: Here’s My Story

I have always had a passion for everything connected to aesthetics and healthy teeth, and that’s how I found my life’s purpose – to help people and make their smiles captivating!

However, I did not want to just be a “regular” dentist, as my passion for health extended far beyond that. I was always looking for new ways and new tools to achieve the best results for my clients. And in 2012, I discovered a totally new approach to dental care.

The “secret” lies in the theory that each tooth is directly connected to a specific organ in our body. As a result, a single tooth can directly influence the state of our organs’ health. And of course, conversely, each organ is affecting the state of health of our teeth!

This is how and when I realized that my job as a dentist is not just to work as a teeth technician. My job as a dentist is to be an expert who can see all of your body’s problems through the examination of your mouth. More importantly, I can provide a medical opinion on the overall state of your organs’ health.

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Why I Chose the Holistic Approach to Dentistry

So what made me change my traditional dental approach to a completely new, holistic one? In 2012, I visited a dentist named Jerry Tennant. He was a brilliant surgeon who had actually healed himself from being paralyzed.

When I met him for the first time, he asked me to show him my mouth so that he could examine my overall health. “These are the biggest poisons to your body,” he commented on my dental fillings.

Interestingly enough, many dentists have been claiming for centuries that mercury fillings do not have any side effects. However, in reality, these things are very toxic to our bodies. Dentist Jerry Tennant taught me how to take them out in a safe way and also shared many of his materials.

Moreover, he used some electronic tools to examine my teeth and found that a tooth that never bothered me before, actually had a dead nerve and was super inflated.

“If you still want to remain with us you better get rid of this tooth. This tooth and your mercury fillings were lowering your immune system and killing your organs.”

I was considered an experienced and knowledgeable dentist. However, after this meeting, I realized that there is much more that can be treated in dental medicine. All it takes is a holistic approach like dentist Jerry Tennant.

By definition, a Holistic approach – (holos – entire) approach to health is one that considers the entire person.

I began to do a lot of research, reading books and attending conferences and seminars about holistic medicine. The more I was discovering these new things, the more I was falling in love with these genius practices.

My wife is also an expert in natural and holistic medicine. She is an Ayurvedic dentist. Ayurveda is an ancient system of Indian medicine. By examining people’s pulse she can help them dramatically improve their health. Together, we put in the work that would later result in the Advanced Dental Wellness Centre.

What To Expect From Holistic Dentistry

As one of the top holistic dentists in Miami, I focus on making sure my dental treatments are 100% biocompatible. In simpler terms, I ensure that the dental solutions I recommend have zero toxic effects on your body. The end goal of my holistic brand of dentistry is to enhance your body’s natural predisposition to regenerate and heal.

The best part is, Holistic dentistry is just as technologically inclined as traditional dentistry. For instance, some of the laser treatments we use at Advanced Dental Wellness Centre are carried out using advanced lasers.

With these lasers, we can treat enamel decay, gum disease and many more. More importantly, we can do it without any pain, discomfort and extended recovery time.

Holistic Dentist in Miami: What Materials Do We Use?

Personally, I opt for the use of natural materials that are fully compatible with your body. In fact, before carrying out any treatment, I do a bio-compatibility test to ensure your immune system and body are in sync with the treatment materials.

With my brand of holistic dentistry, you can expect to enjoy the following:

  • Total health treatment
  • Natural remedies
  • Zero toxins
  • Minimal downtime
  • Painless treatment
  • Effective results

The power of holistic natural medicine inspired us to open Advanced Dental Wellness Center– the center of cosmetology where all of the technologies in stomatology and biology unite in my natural, holistic approach.

We believe in using the most modern methods to help our clients achieve the best state of, not just their teeth and mouth, but also of their body’s wellbeing overall.

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ADW Center is always available to answer any questions you have about holistic dentistry. You can book a consultation session with me via phone or email. Let’s find a custom solution for your dental issues together!