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The 5 Main Differences Between Holistic Approach and Regular Dentistry

Hi there! Dr. Boris here. We’ve had a lot of people asking us about the differences between traditional and holistic dentistry. That is why we have this blog to hopefully help you learn more about what may be different between the two.

The word holistic grew a lot in popularity in recent years, without many people knowing the true meaning of the word. As you read along, we want to provide you with some education on holistic dentistry. That is so that you can make informed decisions that will not be limited to your oral care but can also be applied to your overall health.

The 5 Main Differences Between Traditional and Holistic Dentistry

Here we will be discussing the top 5 differences that you would see between holistic and traditional dentistry. As you visit our dental clinic, you would learn more about what makes the holistic approach to dentistry a top choice!

1.  Looking at the Organism as a Whole

We can call it “Wholistic” because it is an approach that looks at your overall body health and not just at your teeth and gums. We can also refer to it as the “biological” or “natural” approach, as we can find the link between dental health and the overall health of the person. While traditional dentists are trying to ensure the health of your mouth, our goal is to ensure the health of your entire body.

2.  Big NO to Toxic Materials and Mercury Fillings

I used to be a traditional dentist who followed standard dental procedures which resulted in a multitude number of fillings for many patients. However, many materials used in fillings may cause negative reactions in your body.

Recent studies have shown negative health effects of the traditional silver fillings, which contain mercury. It is very dangerous for the body as these chemicals lead to other major health problems.

Some common reactions among young people are allergies, foggy feelings, difficulties in learning, skin reactions, sneezing, and many more. One of my specialties is the removal of mercury fillings and the results are undeniable. Within a few months, the mental and physical health of many patients was drastically improved.

That demonstrates that the materials used in oral care affect the entire body, we will work with you to discuss the materials used in treatment. This will include if, how and when to replace older materials within the mouth.

Moreover, at Advanced Dental Wellness Center, we are using natural holistic approaches such as ozone water and ozone therapy to sterilize teeth and root canals and treat them from bacteria.

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3. Super Effective Diagnostic

When you visit our dental clinic, we will conduct a thorough examination of your overall health. You will be asked about your health problems, the purpose of the visit, your nutrition and your last medical visit.

After that, we will examine your face profile. We can instantly tell if you have bite problems by looking at your posture, the position of your eyes, chin, and lips. All of these factors can indicate what type of bite problems you have and this can be used to identify other issues such as poor sleep. And last but not least, We will examine your mouth. Things such as your tongue position and ground teeth may be a sign of breathing difficulties. Many people try to treat snoring by visiting dentists and doing multiple tests but not many of them know that the true ailment is usually the position of your jaw.

Our main goal is to help your teeth recover, however, every third person who comes to visit me has biting and sleeping problems. My aim is not just the provision of diagnosis, but we are also going to create your personalized plan that we will follow together to achieve great results.

4.Openness and Collaboration

Open communication is a key element of the holistic dentist/patient relationship. You must trust your dentist enough to share private medical and health information without fear of judgment. As a holistic dentist, I share recommendations and various treatment options for you to consider. You may decide to go to a different dentist, but we guarantee a full perspective and education regarding your oral health.

5. Our Goal is Your Fulfillment and Overall Happiness

So what is my goal? You may still think I am a dentist whose job is to treat teeth. But my ideal outcome is different. My client must leave my office healthy, happy, and with a shining smile.

For someone that had their smile fixed, someone that was able to chew again, for someone treated with toothaches, and for someone, we put new feelings. Everyone has their own story here. For some, the eyes are the windows to the soul and for others, the soul shines through the smile. Having a nice smile can boost your mood as well as your confidence. The testimonials are endless.

A young man came to our office feeling very shy – he was embarrassed to smile and to show his teeth. After half a year we fully recovered his smile. He is now confident with a bright outlook on life. The biggest reward for us is “Dc. Thank you! You helped me. My gums are not bleeding anymore.” “ I love my smile. I am the best version of myself now. “ “My head is not spinning anymore.” My wife does not complain that I snore”

Choose Holistic Dentistry with Advanced Dental Wellness Center

The mission of our office is your health and confidence in your smile and abilities. That is why we have dedicated our lives to bringing the best service for your dental concerns.

Are you ready to take your dental health to the next level? Choose holistic dentistry here at Advanced Dental Wellness Center. Contact us today!

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