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Restore your smile in just one day with our same-day dental implants. Our efficient and safe methods ensure a pain-free operation and smooth recovery in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 

Immediate implant placement or conventional implantation with bone grafts or sinus lifting. 

  • Our «Teeth in a Day» service is ready to welcome new patients.
  • We use zirconium implants for aesthetic and biocompatible solutions.

Teeth in a day benefits

Same day zirconia implants have many benefits:

  • Faster Engraftment: The integration process with the jawbone occurs more rapidly, leading to quicker healing.
  • Reduced Rejection Risk: The chances of implant rejection are lower when placed immediately after tooth extraction.
  • Functionality and Comfort. Prostheses function like natural teeth, allowing normal eating, speaking, and smiling.
  • Less Plaque Formation: zirconia implants minimize the risk of plaque buildup around the implant site.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: zirconia implants provide a seamless and natural appearance, preserving your smile.

Same day dental implants at Adwcenter

Dr.-B.-Lipovetskiy (1)

Boris Lipovetskiy

Dentist with 30 years of experience

I apply a holistic approach when performing comprehensive full-mouth reconstruction. 

During the treatment process of a full-mouth reconstruction, I apply a holistic approach to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the procedure. During this period, I conduct a thorough diagnosis, develop a treatment plan, and place implants and crowns.

Before & After Same Day Dental Implants

Case 1
Case 1

The patient came to the clinic due to discomfort while chewing, pain in the jaw and neck, and loose teeth. He was missing many units in the upper jaw. After a thorough diagnosis, Dr. Lipovetskiy removed the affected teeth. On the same day, he placed implants following the All-on-6 protocol and fixed a complete, lightweight prosthesis. Over the course of 6 months, the doctor monitored the progress of osseointegration. Then, he installed permanent prostheses that look like natural teeth. After the same day implants, the patient no longer experienced jaw pain or discomfort while chewing. He could confidently speak and smile.

Case 2
Case 2

The patient was missing a single tooth in the front part of the jaw. Dr. Lipovetskiy conducted a thorough diagnosis. During the second appointment, he administered an anesthetic, placed the implant, and fixed a temporary prosthesis on the same day. The patient regularly attended scheduled examinations during the osteointegration period. Throughout this time, he could smile confidently, eat, and speak comfortably. After 6 months, the doctor replaced the temporary crown with a permanent zirconia prosthesis. Replaced the temporary crown with a permanent zirconia prosthesis.

Same Day Implants – Cost

To determine the exact cost of the procedure, the doctor conducts an examination and diagnosis of the patient. Each clinical case is unique, therefore the price of same day dental implants in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, FL may vary.

In some cases, insurance covers part of the procedure's cost. Please check this with your insurance company in advance. If the insurance does not include same day dental implants, there is another payment option:

  • Care Credit. Allows you to pay off the cost of same day dental implants in monthly installments.
Type Price
All-on-4from $16 000
All-on-6from $18 000

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    Same Day Dental Implants – What Is It?

    The placement of same day dental implants is an accelerated method of tooth restoration. In one day, the doctor places the implants and fixes a prosthesis on them. This method differs from classic methods of smile restoration, where prostheses can only be fixed 4-6 months after placement of an implant.

    Implantation of teeth in a day using the All-on-4 method on the upper and lower jaw

    Why does this placement method allow for immediate prosthesis placement?

    • The dentist conducts a thorough diagnosis. The doctor evaluates the condition of the oral cavity and prescribes radiographic examination. X-rays show the volume of bone and the location of the roots of the remaining teeth. Based on this data, the doctor calculates the points for screwing in the implants and their angle of inclination with millimeter precision.
    • The implants bear less pressure. If an implant replaces a single tooth, the installed prosthesis is removed from the bite. That is, the temporary crown is made lower than the rest of the dental row. This reduces the load on the construction during chewing. As a result, the risk of implant displacement is reduced.

    Features of One Day Teeth Placement With the All-on-4/6

    Dr.-B.-Lipovetskiy (1)

    Boris Lipovetskiy

    Dentist with 30 years of experience

    To restore an entire dental row (12-16 units), the doctor places only 4 or 6 implants, depending on the clinical picture. The lateral implants are placed at an angle of up to 45 degrees, while the anterior implants are placed at a right angle.

    Why is this necessary? Thanks to the placement of implants at different angles, they occupy more area and are more securely fixed in the bone – the risk of their displacement or loosening is minimal.

    Also, the small number of implants (4-6) allows them to be fixed at points with the maximum volume of bone. Therefore, the All-on-4/6 procedure can be performed even in the presence of bone atrophy without bone graft.

    Who is candidate for a same day dental implants?

    Dr. Lipovetskiy – I recommend this procedure to patients with:

    • moderate or critical jawbone atrophy;
    • complete edentulism;
    • one or several missing teeth;
    • missing teeth in the front part of the dental row.
    Gum inflammation can be an obstacle to the placement of same day dental implants. However, it's not an absolute contraindication. To proceed with implant placement, the doctor first treats the gums. This reduces the risk of future complications.

    The Process of Same Day Dental Implants

    The process of same day dental implants occurs in several stages:

    1 First Visit:
    • Consultation. The doctor assesses the condition of the gums and remaining teeth, noting how many units are lost. Additionally, medical history is collected – insight on how long the teeth have been missing and any possible contraindications to same day dental implants.
    • Diagnosis. The patient needs to undergo radiographic examination. The images show the volume of the jawbone and the location of the roots of the remaining units. The dentist may also order tests to rule out contraindications.
    • Surgery Planning. Based on the clinical picture, the doctor decides how to proceed with the placement – whether to restore a single tooth or the entire row (All-on-4/6). Area with the most bone volume for placing same day dental implants is determined. The angle of the implants is determined, ensuring they will be securely fixed onto the jaw and evenly distribute the chewing load.
    2 Second Visit:
    • Implant Placement. The doctor administers anesthesia to numb the gum area of placement. Then he makes an incision in the mucosa, prepares the bone bed, and fixes the implant.
    • Prosthesis. On top of the implant, the doctor installs an abutment – the transitional part between the artificial root and the crown. Then he fixes temporary prostheses using dental cement or screw fixation.
    3 Scheduled Check-ups:

    Every 1-2 months for half a year, it's necessary to visit the dental clinic so the doctor can monitor the progress of the implant and bone integration. This allows early detection and correction of any arising complications. After complete osseointegration, the doctor replaces temporary prostheses with permanent ones. Subsequently, the doctor conducts scheduled check-ups once or twice a year.

    What kind of dentures are used for same day dental implants?

    Temporary and permanent prostheses are distinguished by their materials and purposes in the tooth restoration process:

    • Temporary Prostheses are made from a lighter, less durable material, often plastic. They serve as a provisional solution for up to 6 months, after which they are replaced by permanent crowns. These prostheses allow patients to maintain aesthetics and function while waiting for the final restoration.
    • Permanent Prostheses are made from strong, durable materials such as zirconia or E-max ceramic. They are designed to look natural and fully restore the chewing function. When care recommendations from the dentist are followed, these crowns can last a lifetime, offering a long-term solution for tooth restoration.

    Traditional Dental Implants VS. Same Day Dental Implants

    Traditional Implants Teeth in One Day
    Treatment TimelineIt takes about 6 months for full recovery. Bone grafting procedures can extend this period by an additional 6 monthsThe entire dental arch can be restored within two weeks
    Implant Placement MethodThe dentist makes an incision and peels back the gum to prepare a bed for the implantThe dentist makes a small puncture in the gum sized to the implant's diameter and prepares a bed in the bone
    Procedure TraumaTwo-Stage Implant Placement: More traumatic due to a larger incision made in the gum, with a second incision for the placement of a gingival former before prostheticsLow Trauma: The procedure involves only one puncture in the gum throughout the treatment
    Need for Bone GraftingWith Bone Atrophy an additional operation is required to increase bone volume through bone grafting or sinus liftingEven with Bone Atrophy: Bone grafting may not be necessary
    Temporary Prosthesis Fixation4-6 Months Wait: Crowns cannot be fixed on implants for 4-6 months. Removable dentures supported by remaining teeth can be placedImmediate Prosthesis: The dentist places the prosthesis on the implants on the day of the procedure
    Gingival Former InstallationRequired Before Permanent Prosthetics: Necessary to create a neat contour of the mucosaGingival Former Not Required: Eliminates the need for a separate step to shape the gum line

    Zirconium implants – our priority

    When restoring one or several teeth, we use zirconia implants for their several advantages:

    • They do not show through the gum. Unlike titanium implants, which can be visible under thin gums due to their dark color, zirconium is white. The material appears natural, and the dental implant is not visible from the side.
    • Reduced risk of inflammation around the implant. Zirconia is a biocompatible material. It does not cause allergies or irritation. The gums and bone around the zirconia implant heal faster.
    • Implants are made using the latest technologies. Dental implants made of zirconia are created and processed using CAD/CAM technology. The risk of inaccuracies is minimal, and the construction fully matches the patient's anatomical features in shape and size.


    It is advisable to replace a tooth as soon as possible because, in its absence, the volume of the jawbone decreases by 25-50% within 6-12 months. This makes it progressively more difficult to place implants with each passing month. Additionally, during this time, the lower third of the face diminishes, facial wrinkles deepen, and the lips recede.

    There are other reasons as well:

    • In the absence of a tooth, the remaining teeth begin to shift.
    • The beauty of the smile is compromised (especially if the missing tooth is in the front).
    • It becomes difficult to thoroughly chew food.

    Same Day Dental Implants – Fix Your Missing Teeth!

    Contact us, and start your journey to a better you! In just two weeks, you will have a brand new, beautiful smile. You will be able to eat and speak without any discomfort. We will take care of you during the procedure – the treatment will be smooth and painless.