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WaterLase Laser Dentistry

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    Advanced Wellness Center is committed to providing patient-friendly and clinically superior treatment at a good price, so we use cutting-edge technology to take maximum care of your oral health. Indeed, WaterLase dentistry costs less than many other procedures and will surely redefine your dental experience. The tool was developed by Biolase, the world’s leading manufacturer of medical devices, and has already managed to win the favor of both dentists and patients worldwide.


    Benefits of WaterLase Dental Laser

    If a visit to the dentist causes unpleasant sensations, the water dental laser will change the way you feel! And since the prices of such procedures are client-oriented, you will not spend a fortune to improve your oral health. But what other benefits are there besides a low WaterLase dentistry cost?   

    • Painless procedure 

    WaterLase laser is one of the least invasive treatment options. After all, it treats a dent gently due to the combination of laser energy, air, and waters. That is why the procedure is often performed without anesthetic, and patients willingly pay the costs of treatment as the process is pain-free.  

    • Faster healing

    In addition to the overall painlessness of water dentistry, there is no discomfort at the end of the procedure since WaterLase iPlus causes less trauma to the gums and teeth. The recovery time is swift, while no special care is needed.

    • Enhanced safety

    Although traditional treatment using dental drills often comes at a lower pricing than lasers, such devices remove large tooth amounts, which may cause microscopic cracks and pain. And even though the WaterLase laser price is higher, the tool removes very specific parts of tissue without damaging the rest of the tooth.

    • Time savings

    A water laser dentist completes procedures much faster due to the overall convenience and effectiveness of the device. This reduces the time spent in a dental chair and allows fulfilling a lot of your dental needs in just one visit, meanwhile preserving a good treatment cost.  

    • Variety of use cases

    WaterLase laser is used for many purposes, including:

    • gums contouring
    • tooth decay removal
    • safe removal of hard and soft tissues
    • prevention of oral diseases
    • kids dentistry procedures at good pricing

    Curious about the exact pricing of water laser dentistry? Consult our dentists to know what treatment you need and what price you will pay. In general, the pricing range is wide since we offer various procedures and high-class materials to ensure the best dental services for our patients.


    Ariane Wolinsky
    Ariane Wolinsky

    I did a lot of research to find a holistic dentist that worked with our insurance. My husband is very particular about what dentist he will go to. I am happy to say that he had an amazing experience at Advanced Dental Wellness. Dr. Lipovetskiy cares for the wellness of his patients above all. We highly recommend his services.

    Paul Fabre
    Paul Fabre

    From the first day Dr Boris and his staff (Brooke, Natalie and Yesenia ) where all amazing. Always welcoming and positive they are always on time and highly flexible !!! It is really difficult to find great service nowadays !!

    I highly recommend it.

    Jerry Rivero
    Jerry Rivero

    Good attention and great care. Overall happy with Dr. Lipovetskiy, he is very knowledgable and professional. Most definitely recommended, will return!

    WaterLase To Make Your Smile Beautiful

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