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WaterLase Laser Dentistry

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    104 SE 1st Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

    WaterLase Provides Minimum Invasive Procedures Including:


    • Non-surgical & surgical repair periodontics
    • Open & closed simplified crown lengthening
    • Repair failing implants

    Restorative Procedures

    • Predictable anesthesia-free caries removal
    • Safe & efficient crown & veneer removal

    Soft Tissue Procedures

    • Smile makeover gingivectomies
    • Frenectomy release
    • Troughing for perfect impressions
    • Treat oral lesions fast & painlessly

    What is WaterLase?

    The WaterLase is an ingenious dental tool that we use at Advanced Dental Wellness Center for the ablation of hard tissue. WaterLase is crucial in helping us offer our clients a comfortable, anxiety-free dental experience.

    With the WaterLase, we totally eliminate the pressure, heat, and vibration that comes from using a traditional dental drill. That way, we successfully eliminate the discomfort that patients are subjected to when undergoing procedures that require the use of a traditional dental drill.

    A majority of our patients have pointed out that they no longer have to deal with the physical and emotional stress that is common in dental work. In truth, the WaterLase is so effective that almost all of our patients no longer require anesthesia during procedures such as treating dental caries.

    Is WaterLase right for me?

    As you can expect, one of the main concerns that a majority of our patients have when they hear about the WaterLase is whether the technique will work for them. Well, one thing that we know is that this method, being more gentle and comfortable compared to the traditional dental drill is suitable to an even wider patient base.

    The WaterLase works better for almost any patient, and especially the elderly or patients who suffer tooth sensitivity or even dental anxiety. This method is basically designed to work for virtually any patient irrespective of their oral health. Even though this is the case, we always recommend our clients to call to make an appointment so that we can ascertain that the WaterLase is indeed safe to use on them.

    You probably are already aware that dental procedures vary a lot when it comes to the time they take to complete. A root canal, for example, will always take longer than a standard cavity procedure.

    The catch here, however, is that the WaterLase makes it easier for us to complete procedures. That way, all procedures that require the use of this innovative tool will take a shorter time than if we were to use traditional tools.

    Besides, since this tool eliminated the need to use anesthesia, we are able to save even more time, making it easier for you to resume your normal life faster than you would.

    What's the recovery time?

    One of the most impressive facts about the WaterLase is that it reduces recovery time. "How?", you might ask. Well, since it's a tool that is minimally invasive compared to other dental drills, you will have a less severe wound to recover from.

    Besides, the tool is specially designed so that it's easier to program the lasers that are used for the procedure. That means that the time that you spend waiting in the dental chair reduces significantly, further reducing any anxiety that can affect recovery time.

    WaterLase To Make Your Smile Beautiful

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