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Fort Lauderdale Dental Laser Procedures

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    Focus On Laser Dental Procedures

    Let us start by letting you know that the only laser dentistry technology we offer in our dental office is treating and reducing deep gum pockets. However, we do plan to expand the scope of our laser treatments in the future. This page was created to help our patients and anyone who wants to learn more about the application of laser technology in dentistry. If you want to know about the benefits of laser dentistry and how it can help you, our dentists would certainly assist you and answer your queries. We would gladly refer you to a dentist specializing in laser treatments that we don't offer.

    The use of lasers in dentistry is fairly recent. That said, the lasers that your dentists use are not the same as those used in phototherapy to treat pain. In dental surgery and dentistry, lasers are used mainly as cutting devices capable of making precise cuts. Lasers may also be used to increase the bond between filling material such as dental cement and the tooth's enamel. The heat dissipated by the lasers can be used during teeth whitening procedures as well.

    What Can Laser Procedures Provide?

    Lasers are becoming popular amongst dentists, and they use them for several applications, including:

    • Tooth decay: Lasers can easily remove the decaying matter from a tooth before the dentist fills the cavity with a filler.
    • Teeth whitening: Lasers are routinely used during the whitening procedures to activate the bleaching agents containing peroxides.
    • Gum disease: Lasers are being used to remove any infectious tissue, bacteria from gums and even reshape gums by some dentists.
    • Biopsy: Small pieces of tissue can be excised using lasers which can then be sent for cancer screening
    • Lesion removal: Chancre sores can be treated with lasers, and in some severe cases, laser treatment can also provide pain relief.

    Advantages of Laser in Dentistry

    Lasers can offer several advantages including:

    • If your dentist uses a laser, you might not need to be anesthetized, making your experience more comfortable
    • As lasers have a greater degree of precision than traditional tools, patients can heal quicker
    • Lasers can limit the bleeding during surgeries and even destroy bacteria in gums and cavities
    • Most patients would prefer lasers over the noisy and, at times, scary dental drills.
    • As lasers are minimally invasive, they are less painful than traditional methods, and hence, more and more dentists are incorporating them into their practice.

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