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    Dental laser treatment is a path into the future, a revolutionary technology for curing a whole range of dental problems. Lasers emit a very intense, narrow beam of light designed to shape or remove both hard and soft tissues. Although this may sound painful, it’s not so at all. Another common misconception is that the pricing of teeth laser surgery is exorbitant. However, it all depends on the clinic you choose. At Advanced Wellness Center, we keep our prices loyal, while guaranteeing a top-class dental experience for our patients. Consider what benefits, types, and costs of laser dental treatments we offer!

    Laser Dentistry Types

    We have long used laser treatment in dentistry since we are committed to providing efficient surgical and dental services – high in quality and affordable in price. Lasers are versatile and replace many traditional tools some dentists still use for therapies. And even though traditional methods may be a bit cheaper, the costs of laser surgery dental procedures are definitely worth it, considering the numerous benefits of this innovative way to treat dental diseases. 

    There are two types of lasers our specialists use – hard tissue and soft tissue lasers. The first one is intended to cure teeth, while the last one works perfectly well for treating gum (periodontal) diseases. And the laser treatment for teeth cost depends not on the device used but on the procedure you need. Lasers help us do plenty of amazing things:


    Benefits of Dentistry Laser Treatment

    Lasers have made an immense contribution to dental procedures. Such a great step towards better dentistry has many advantages – explore the perks of dental laser therapy at Advanced Wellness Center!

    • Minimum invasion. Traditional gum surgeries are cheaper in price, but they involve severe invasion into the gum tissue and leave painful wounds. Meanwhile, the pricing of tooth laser treatment is higher, but these tools never cut gums, decreasing the risk of infection and bleeding.
    • Accuracy. No healthy tissues will be hurt during laser surgery for teeth. This is an extremely precise method used by our dentist to treat only damaged areas and stimulate the quick growth of new, healthy tissues. 
    • Fast healing time. Traditional dental surgeries are often associated with a long recovery, including swelling, pain, and special care. But gum and teeth lasering comes with a much shorter healing time, typically about 24 hours. And since no scalpels are used during the process, you will feel no pain, perhaps only mild discomfort.
    • Professional approach and good patient care. Our dentists are true experts in curing oral health diseases using lasers. Vast experience allows them to perform all the processes gently and painlessly. If you are looking for a responsive, highly-skilled dentist for laser treatment, welcome to Advanced Wellness Center!
    • Reasonable pricing. While many clinics set high pricing for their procedures, we keep the laser dental treatment cost lower since we approach dentistry differently and focus on the comfort of our patients. Indeed, many people refuse dental services due to their price, and we are intended to turn things around by making therapy costs affordable. So what pricing of laser treatment for teeth is to expect? It all depends on the procedure you need, and you can find out the exact prices by visiting a dentist. Simple services typically cost only a few hundred dollars, while complex surgeries come at a higher price. However, our pricing policy is reasonable anyway.

    Dental diseases should be treated as soon as possible – schedule a visit to Advanced Wellness Center, and we will make your smile shine again!



    Gene Grugal
    Gene Grugal

    I’ve lived working with Boris and his team. Very professional and efficient. They’ve helped with my sleep apnea as well as getting rid of old cavity fillers. I recommend.

    Yanie Hartzog
    Yanie Hartzog

    I made an emergency appointment at Advanced Dental Wellness Center and have made this my new dentist after an amazing experience! Dr. Lipovetsky, staff, hygienist and office were all exceptionally kind and knowledgeable. In addition, the office is beautiful! I am very happy to know that I am in great hands for my dental needs.

    David Feldman
    David Feldman

    I had an unbelievable experience with Dr. Boris and the rest of his staff. This is a great dental clinic for all your needs and for the most in-depth learning on holistic dentistry. Dr. Boris has excellent bedside manner and is able to explain things very in detail. This is your go-to dental office if you want an honest and innovative approach to dental issues. Many past dentists misdiagnosed my issues, putting me in a cycle of tooth pain. Dr. Boris understands root cause of these issues better than anyone else. Elizabeth the dental assistant was terrific and has excellent bedside manner as well. Their hygienist is the best hygienist I’ve ever worked with and I’ve had dozens of cleanings in my life. Make sure to check them out and follow all his recommendations from the books to read to reducing of metals and other toxins in your body. Whole body health starts at the mouth. Thank you to everyone at Advanced Dental Wellness

    Shadaja Burke
    Shadaja Burke

    When I walked in I was greeted by my name in a formal manner the staff are friendly. Throughout my consultation the Doctor was overly informative and reassured me that the process is completely safe and painless. He was so assuring and confident in his work. I am absolutely satisfied with my laser countour procedure, he took care of me and I am the happiest person ever with my results. The procedure was not painful at all he assured me that I would be comfortable throughout. I'm so happy with my new smile my friends and family notices a huge difference and my life has changed ever since Thank you Advanced Dental Wellness Center!!!

    Advantages of Laser in Dentistry

    Lasers can offer several advantages including:

    • If your dentist uses a laser, you might not need to be anesthetized, making your experience more comfortable
    • As lasers have a greater degree of precision than traditional tools, patients can heal quicker
    • Lasers can limit the bleeding during surgeries and even destroy bacteria in gums and cavities
    • Most patients would prefer lasers over the noisy and, at times, scary dental drills.
    • As lasers are minimally invasive, they are less painful than traditional methods, and hence, more and more dentists are incorporating them into their practice.

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