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    Benefits and Cost of Teeth Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale

    Did you know 2% of people don’t clean their teeth? Failing to clean your teeth can result in tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. Regular teeth cleaning from your dentist can help you avoid high cost procedures such as root canals, implants, and crowns.

    While cleaning your teeth at home is an absolute must, it can’t replace a professional dentist clean. Our dental hygienists use specialized cleaning instruments to remove plaque and tartar. During the cleaning phase, our dentists will also inspect your teeth to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy.


    How Does Teeth Cleaning Work?

    Your dental cleaning procedure starts with a physical dental exam of your entire mouth. We fully inspect all of your teeth and gums and look for signs of disease or damage to your teeth. If we notice any issues, we will inform you of the best treatment plan.

    Once your teeth and gums have been thoroughly checked, our dental hygienist will take the scalpel and start removing plaque and tartar. Plaque and tartar can build up around your gums and teeth. Plaque can be removed at home via flossing, but to get rid of tartar, you need a trip to the dentist! 

    The next step of teeth cleaning dental is brushing your teeth with toothpaste using a high-powered brush. This will make your teeth sparkle. This brush will polish your teeth without damaging your enamel.

    Then we will start flossing your teeth and removing any leftover plaque. The final step is rinsing solution without a fluoride to further protect your teeth. The whole process can take as little as 30 minutes and will significantly reduce your chance of suffering tooth decay or gum disease, and you get the added benefit of having lovely white teeth!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Often Should You Get Teeth Cleaned By a Dentist

    At Advanced Dental Wellness Center, we recommend you receive a dentist exam and teeth clean once every 4 - 6 months and, at the minimum, once a year. It is extremely important to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth because, if left unattended can lead to decay and cavities.

    Also, dental issues can manifest themselves quickly. By going to the dentist every 4 - 6 months, you can catch issues before they become worse and solve them. Rather than wait until they become serious and require high cost and potentially painful procedures.

    Don’t put off scheduling your appointment. Contact our clinic to book your consultation and keep your teeth white and healthy!

    How Much Cleaning Teeth at the Dentist Cost?

    Teeth cleaning at dentist costs between $50 and $300. Dental insurance covers 1 to 2 teeth cleaning appointments per year, so you have no excuse not to book your appointment. During your teeth cleaning appointment, our dentists will also thoroughly inspect your teeth and gum and quickly identify any issues.

    Teeth cleaning is completely painless and can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. So even if you don’t enjoy going to the dentist and are very busy, you can quickly and easily take care of your teeth.

    Teeth cleaning is a low cost way to take care of your teeth and is a highly effective way to prevent serious dental issues from occurring. The last thing you want to do is put off going to the dentist only to be forced to have high cost crowns, implants, or fillings which could have been avoided with a regular dental exam and cleaning appointment!

    Do You Need Teeth Cleaning?

    When was the last time you visited the dentist? If you have not been to the dentist in over 4 - 6 months, we recommend booking an appointment for a check up at the dentist immediately. 

    It is standard to go to the dentist for teeth cleaning and a general exam twice a year. If you want to be extra cautious, you can go once every 4 months. At the very minimum, you should have your teeth professionally cleaned and inspected once a year. But do not worry about the cost for teeth cleaning at dentist - with us, you can keep your teeth healthy and clean for a bargain!

    Book Your Dental Examination Today!

    Don’t let plaque and tartar destroy your teeth! Our expert dental hygienists will perform thorough teeth clean and remove all signs of plague and tartar for an affordable price. By cleaning teeth by dentist, you significantly reduce your chance of suffering tooth decay and cavities. Contact Advanced Dental Wellness Center and book an appointment today!


    Alan Steinberg
    Alan Steinberg

    I had a great experience at this dental office. The office manager, Deborah, was very helpful and extremely professional. Everyone had a positive attitude and really cared about giving quality service. Dr. Boris was a really nice person and listened to me from the very beginning. I give this company a 5 star rating and highly recommend them to anyone that needs dental care.

    Adolfo Castillo
    Adolfo Castillo

    I arrived here by convenience and proximity to my school, little I knew this place would offer a cozy corner where you find top notch dental care, all the staff are amazing with always a big smile from Monica, Brooke and Lindsay and everyone else, I surely recommend Advance Dental Wellness Center for anyone's dental care.

    Patty Howell
    Patty Howell

    My mom was dianosed with ALS this past year. After doing research on the Huggins Protocal we decided this would the best and safest route for removing my moms old mercury fillings. The dentist, the staff, everyone has been so compassionate and caring for my mom and family. The dentist set up a game plan for my mom and it has gone so smoothly. Unlike most dentists I have come across, he's overally cautious, doesn't rush and truly cares for his patients. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

    What can you expect during such exams?

    First and foremost, your dentist will examine your gums and teeth with the help of a camera. Next, your dentist might use X-rays to get a detailed picture of your teeth, jawbone, and teeth roots and look for signs of infection, cracks, or other issues.

    The dentist might also conduct an oral cancer screening by examining your mouth and gums with a special tool. The tartar and plaque cleaning is done by a dental hygienist, after which he/she will use a gritty paste and a rotating device on your teeth to give them a nice polish. At the end of the session, you hygienist and your dentist can give you tips to improve your dental care including brushing and flossing technique.

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