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Cleanings & Exams Fort Lauderdale

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What Does A Cleaning Involve?

Tooth decay and gum disease are common.

They Are Also Easily Avoidable Through Checkups.
*According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Two short appointments per year can provide lifelong benefits…

What Will It Cost?

The good news is that regardless of whether you are insured, comprehensive dental exams carry a highly affordable price tag compared to what you can expect to pay for the treatment you will likely need if you neglect to undergo regular checkups. The average out-of-pocket expense for a cleaning and full exam is $198. Meanwhile, gum disease treatments such as scaling and root planing can exceed $1,000, a root canal can cost $700 to $900, and replacing a single tooth with an implant and crown can cost $3,000 for the implant alone.

Without insurance, a cleaning and full exam cost $198 on average.

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Cleanings & Exams

Tartar, tooth decay, and other issues can easily develop and go unnoticed, even if you brush and floss daily. Regular cleanings and exams can eliminate tartar and allow your dentists in Fort Lauderdale to catch issues in the earliest stages, when they are most treatable.

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Cleanings & Exams

Biannual Exams Provide Much More Than Just Clean Teeth.

  • Checkups benefit whole-body health: Bacteria in plaque and tartar can cause gum disease, which has been linked to heart disease and other conditionsRoutine exams can protect your periodontal and overall health. Many exams also include an oral cancer screening.
  • You can improve your at-home care: Your dental team can pinpoint room for improvement in your daily oral hygiene routine based on the state of your smile. They can coach you in choosing more effective products and using them in the most beneficial ways.
  • Checkups are affordable: Under most insurance plans, six-month exams cost nothing extra, or only require a co-pay that costs less than a tank of gas. Meanwhile, treating minor decay is far less costly than a root canal or, in extreme cases, dental implants.

What Happens During An Exam?

Your dentist will perform a visual exam using an intraoral camera to assess the state of your teeth and gums. X-rays will allow your dentist to further examine your teeth, dental roots, and jawbone for any signs of decay, fractures, or infection.

Your dentist may conduct an oral cancer screening by visually examining the soft tissues of your mouth or using a special tool to detect abnormalities. A dental hygienist will carefully remove any plaque and tartar. Your teeth will be polished using a gritty paste and a special rotary tool. Your dentist and hygienist can provide any necessary suggestions for more efficient brushing and flossing.

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