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    Are your teeth discolored or stained? Are you looking for a quick and easy method to achieve perfectly white teeth? We offer professional teeth whitening in Fort Lauderdale. We perform the procedure quickly, safely, and affordably! We use effective whitening technologies for challenging cases (tetracycline-stained teeth).

    Schedule a consultation today and take the first step towards your healthy and beautiful smile!

    What are Dental Implants?

    Dental implants are the gold standard for restoring a dental arch, even in complex clinical situations. For instance, even if chronic periodontitis flares up, it can be treated, and then an implant can be placed under anesthesia to replace the lost tooth root.

    Following complete osseointegration, a crown made of metal-ceramic, E-MAX ceramic, or zirconia dioxide is affixed to the implant. This approach ensures the most effective and aesthetically pleasing restoration of your dental structure.

    Dental Implants structure

    Why do patients trust us?

    We were among the first to offer zirconia implants in Ft. Lauderdale, and we remain one of the few clinics specializing in this kind of service in the area.

    Our team consists of holistic dentists and an experienced oral surgeon with a double degree who can tackle even complex and unconventional cases.

    Dr. B. Lipovetskiy is a specialist with over 30 years of experience. He received his education at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. He then further honed his skills at the prestigious LVI Global University (in Las Vegas) in the following areas: full mouth reconstruction, cosmetic/holistic dentistry, orthopedic restorations, sleep disorder treatment, and TMJ disorders.

    Doctor's Opinion

    Dr.-B.-Lipovetskiy (1)

    Boris Lipovetskiy

    Dentist with 30 years of experience

    My goal is to not only address the aesthetic flaws of the dental arch, but to positively transform the patient's day-to-day life. To achieve this, I conduct research at the neuromuscular level, identifying and resolving issues related to the bite, bruxism, and sleep quality.

    I utilize:

    • T-Scan: A device with 11,000 sensors that helps detect even minor discrepancies in jaw alignment and excessive pressure on specific teeth/crowns (which can lead to premature deterioration).
    • Tens unit: A device that painlessly relaxes the muscles of the temporomandibular joint, finding their resting position and determining the optimal bite.

    As a result of these methods, the implants and crowns will last their full lifespan. You won't require a replacement for years to come.

    Doctor's Opinion

    Dr. Christian Rouleau is a talented and highly attentive surgeon-implantologist with 20 years of experience. He completed his training at the prestigious Harvard University in Boston. He holds a DMD and MD degree in dentistry. Over his career, he has placed thousands of implants and crafted hundreds of new smiles using zirconia or titanium implants. He employs minimally invasive implantation protocols and cutting-edge technologies that expedite the process of osseointegration.


    Christian Rouleau

    Surgeon-implantologist with 20 years of experience

    «I strive to make the tooth implantation process as comfortable as possible for the patient, and ensure the result comes out as expected. I use the most advanced technologies for this purpose. For example, I often use PRP technique after tooth extraction. It accelerates the healing of the hole due to many immune cells. The treatment period is significantly reduced.»

    Should know!

    At our center, you can be assured in the quality of every stage of treatment. Each stage is personally designed and overseen by Dr. B. Lipovetskiy. Any decisions are coordinated with the patient and personalized to the patient's unique clinical case. We will propose a treatment plan that suits you best.

    What implants do we use at the Advanced Wellness Center?

    We provide the highest quality solutions to our patients.

    1 ACE Surgical Supply (USA)

    The dental implants by ACE Surgical Supply are of exceptional quality and innovative technology (based on numerous research findings). We choose ACE implants because their design ensures easy installation, stable integration, and treatment success. For instance, ACE utilizes hydrophilic coating to promote faster osseointegration.

    2 SDS (Switzerland)

    Premium zirconia implants. They are 100% biocompatible, aesthetic, and non-allergenic. Suitable for various clinical situations, they come in conical or self-tapping forms, both of which enhance stability and ease of installation, even in immediate protocols.

    3 Z-System (Switzerland)

    We trust Z-System dental implants due to their exceptional characteristics. These implants offer versatile solutions for complex cases, delivering optimal and long-lasting results. Thanks to advanced surface treatment technologies like ZERAFIL™, Z-System implants promote rapid osseointegration and reduced healing times. By choosing Z-System, we prioritize patient satisfaction through enhanced aesthetics, functionality, and simplified installation procedures.

    Zirconium implants

    In approximately 75-80% of cases, we recommend zirconia implants to our patients. They are non-allergenic, promote faster osseointegration, and provide a guaranteed outcome.

    Front teeth implants - before and after

    Unfortunately, the two teeth in the smile zone could not be saved in this case. However, using a minimally invasive approach, we gently removed both teeth and immediately placed titanium ACE implants in their place. This saved time on socket healing and future prosthetics. During the osseointegration period, a temporary prosthesis ensured the aesthetic appeal of the smile. Just 5 months later, zirconia crowns were placed, providing a highly natural appearance.

    The patient can once again enjoy a beautiful, natural, and most importantly, healthy smile.

    dental implants case 1 before dental implants case 1 after

    Holistic Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants

    Biological dental implants are the optimal solution when a patient has metal allergies and a high level of biocompatibility is required.

    In this clinical case, an infected molar was extracted. After a remission period of 4 months, a Swiss SDS implant made from zirconium dioxide was placed. This eliminated the risk of allergic reactions and accelerated osseointegration by a whole month. Subsequently, a zirconia crown was placed.

    The complex issue of an infected tooth was successfully resolved within a compressed time frame and through a highly secure method. With adherence to the post-operative instructions provided by the dentist, the implant is poised to serve for decades.

    Why do we predominantly recommend zirconia crowns in most cases?

    Because they are exceptionally safe for human health. Even ceramic E-max crowns, known for their high aesthetic value, have certain contraindications (for instance, they are not recommended for patients with autoimmune disorders).

    To determine the best option for your specific case, we conduct a specialized biocompatibility test. We take a blood sample and send it to a laboratory that assesses compatibility with 2000 different materials.

    dental implants case 2 before dental implants case 2 after

    Testimonial: Full Mouth Reconstruction with Same Day Implants

    Why did I choose this installation method? It’s fast and cost-effective, especially when compared to traditional implant procedures. Before consulting with Dr. B. Lipovetskiy, I didn't have much knowledge about this. The treatment plan I opted for involved minimal surgical intervention, which I was really glad about. I'm not a fan of all those cuts and incisions.

    How did it all go? In the morning, my teeth were removed and implants were immediately placed. A temporary prosthesis was fitted a few hours later. I didn't feel any pain; the anesthesia was effective. The surgeon was very attentive, regularly checking on my well-being during and after the procedure.

    What did I ultimately gain? This treatment changed the quality of my life! I can finally eat normally, without any restrictions, and smile without hesitation.

    dental implants case 3 before dental implants case 3 after

    Dental Implants Cost

    Type Price
    All-on-4 implantationfrom $16 000
    All-on-6 implantationfrom $18 000

    Get Financing

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    Invisalign Financing

    Dental Implant Guarantee

    1 year guarantee General Dentistry

    3 year guarantee Dental Implants

    This means that if the implant doesn't integrate within the specified period or there are issues with the prosthetic construction, you won't be required to pay for the retreatment.

    Retreatment covered by the clinic is possible only if:

    • The patient adhered to all post-operative instructions given by the doctor (especially during the osseointegration period), maintained oral hygiene, and regularly visited our Center for scheduled check-ups and cleanings.
    • After receiving implants, the patient did not undergo dental treatment at another clinic.
    • The patient did not experience an injury that led to the loss of the implant or damage to the prosthesis.

    Each case is assessed individually. A series of laboratory investigations is conducted to identify the true cause of any rejection.


    We guarantee our genuine concern for the health of every patient. We make post-operative calls to inquire about their well-being, and we invite patients for scheduled check-ups. During these visits, we verify the integrity of the implant, crown, and the reliability of its attachment. We also assess the presence or absence of initial signs of soft tissue inflammation. Additionally, we provide professional cleaning to remove plaque buildup.

    Dental Implantation Methods in our Advanced Dental Wellness Center

    Classic Implantation:

    During the first visit, the implant is placed in the oral cavity. It's essential to wait for the completion of the osseointegration process (3-6 months). Only after that can the crown/prosthesis be selected, crafted, and placed.

    If the patient has alveolar ridge atrophy, the implant surgeon may recommend bone augmentation. The implant can be placed after 4-6 months.

    multiple tooth implantation
    all-on-4 teeth implants

    A gentle technique that uses just 4 implants to restore upper or lower teeth in 1 day, without the need for bone grafting.

    Implants are evenly distributed in the jaw and immediately loaded with a temporary, adaptive prosthesis (excellent initial stability). You leave the clinic with new teeth on the same day. The permanent prosthetic structure is placed in 3-6 months.


    An improved version of the «All-on-4» protocol. It uses 6 implants (2 in the frontal region and 2 on each side – where lateral teeth would be).

    They ensure reliable fixation even with moderate bone tissue atrophy (better initial stability). It doesn't require sinus lifting or other types of osteoplastic procedures.

    all-on-6 dental implants

    Advantages of Dental Implants

    • No need to prepare or remove adjacent teeth if traditional dentures are considered and 1-3 consecutive teeth are missing.

    • Halts bone tissue atrophy. Direct contact between the implant and bone encourages bone cells to adhere to the implant surface, promoting bone growth and density around it. This process helps maintain the volume and strength of the jawbone.

    • Longevity. Manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty for implants.


    We guarantee our genuine concern for the health of every patient. We make post-operative calls to inquire about their well-being, and we invite patients for scheduled check-ups. During these visits, we verify the integrity of the implant, crown, and the reliability of its attachment. We also assess the presence or absence of initial signs of soft tissue inflammation. Additionally, we provide professional cleaning to remove plaque buildup.

    front tooth implant

    Stages of Implantation

    1 Visual Oral Examination and Patient Questionnaire

    We begin with a visual examination of the oral cavity and provide patients with a questionnaire. If needed, a blood test might be recommended, especially if there are chronic conditions or allergies to medications.

    If the patient experiences sleep problems, abnormal bite changes, or temporomandibular joint disorders, we conduct diagnostics at the neuromuscular level (T-Scan, Tens unit). Implantation proceeds only after addressing any identified issues. Otherwise, untreated bite problems could result in uneven pressure on implants, leading to premature wear, fractures, and damage.

    2 Computerized Diagnostics

    We perform high-quality 2D/3D imaging of the jaw. These images allow the doctor to assess bone structure, volume, and condition. The specialist determines the optimal placement location and angle for the implants.

    3 Implant Placement

    All procedures are carried out under modern anesthesia in a comfortable chair. We strive to create a highly comfortable environment. The implantation of a single implant takes, on average, up to 15 minutes.

    4 Denture insertion

    If the chosen implantation protocol permits and there are no contraindications, we place a temporary crown or adaptive prosthesis. After complete osseointegration (3-6 months), a permanent prosthesis is installed.


    Prosthodontics on implants at Advanced Wellness Center are performed using ceramic and zirconia crowns. For restoring masticatory teeth, we offer full-zirconia restorations (a highly durable material with a light, natural color). For the smile zone, aesthetics are crucial. We provide biocompatible multi-layer zirconia crowns or E-max ceramic crowns. Both options ensure the preservation of an impeccably beautiful smile for years to come.


    • The tooth is damaged and cannot be saved. We will extract the tooth and immediately place the implant in the resulting cavity

    • 1-2 teeth are missing (especially in the smile area). If the tooth has already been extracted, we will insert the implant through a microincision in the gum.

    • 2-4 teeth missing in a row.

    • All or almost all teeth are missing. We will restore the entire dentition in 1 day using the Swiss All-on-4/ All-on-6 technology.


    • Acute inflammation of gums and teeth.

    • Pregnancy.

    • Insufficient quality or quantity of bone tissue.

    • Infectious diseases.

    • Bite pathologies, temporomandibular joint disorders.

    • Acute inflammation of gums and teeth.

    • Conditions affecting blood clotting and healing processes, such as severe hemophilia (may increase the risk of complications including bleeding during and after the surgery).

    • Severe mental disorders.

    • Severe cardiovascular diseases and uncontrolled hypertension.


    Relative contraindications postpone dental implantation temporarily. After their resolution, restoring dental integrity is feasible. For example, in our clinic, we successfully perform implantation on patients with diabetes and hepatitis (under specific conditions). Schedule a consultation to learn how we can address your concerns.


    Jorge Rosas
    Jorge Rosas

    Si. I’m not fond for dental procedures but my experience at advanced dental was by far the best. Dr lipovretskly and staff made me feel comfortable though out the entire prose. After detail explanation I ende wit a new permanent bridge. A love the approach of holistic dentistry. Thank you Dr B

    Cosmic Mirror
    Cosmic Mirror

    The best dentist in town! Dr. Boris is hands down the best. I wish I’d known about him long ago, it would have saved me some major issues. And my cleanings with Natalia have been showing marked improvement. I have very sensitive teeth, and she somehow makes the process (somewhat) enjoyable.

    Katherine Espinal
    Katherine Espinal

    AMAZING customer service. Everyone there is extremely helpful, knowledgeable and genuinely cares about not just your oral hygiene but overall health. Plus the best dental cleaning I’ve ever experienced.

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