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Fort Lauderdale Dental Zirconium Implants

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    Focus On Dental Zirconium Implants

    Concerning IAOMT membership, proper care for patients, and providing mercury-free and compassionate dental care comes first. These services go well with our ozone dental therapy, non-metallic braces, and Invisalign. With ten years of experience in the dental field, and the application of modern technology in biocompatible dental material, we offer tissue-friendly, non-corrosive, and beautiful metal-free zirconia teeth implants.

    We have a dental office designed to charm relaxation for your visit. Dental implants are zirconium or titanium attachments that coalesce to the jaw bone forming a base on which artificial teeth are attached. With time, the jaw bone and the base attachment fuse. The crown is attached once the jaw heals, and it covers the base attachment.

    Previously dental implants were made of titanium. Zirconia implants, however, are metal-free and therefore do not corrode. They are also compatible and have a natural and pleasing look. For patients with pre-existing metal restorations, these implants are the best. Zirconia implants integrate quickly with bone tissues and have a success rate of 98%. During an implant, the doctor numbs the specific part of the mouth where the procedure is to be performed. The numbing ensures you're comfortable throughout the procedure. The doctor then precisely places the Zirconia post at the targeted area using 3D imaging.

    Advantages of Dental Implants

    With time the jaw heals, and the bone perfectly fuses with the attached post forming a strong and permanent base for the attachment of a new tooth. An attachment is then set on the post to be covered by the crown. It is only after the jaw heals completely that the new tooth can be attached. The new tooth is specially designed to exactly fit over the post such that it would be difficult to tell the difference between a real and an implanted tooth.

    Dental implants have several advantages and have most recently replaced dentures in the replacement of lost teeth. Implants are permanent, which means that you only replace them once. The implants fuse with your jaw bone and become part of the body and, unlike dentures, do not require replacing. The implants are permanent and form the structure of the mouth. You can thus eat or speak freely without fear of muffled speech or embarrassment. You also get to enjoy all your favorite foods. Unlike dentures, implants allow you to brush and floss teeth normally without demanding more time on your daily routine.

    Implants also help to maintain the structure of your face by preventing bone loss, the sinking of the mouth, and gum recedes associated with tooth loss. Ceramic dental implants (ZERAMEX) are not attacked by bacteria and have a low affinity to plaque, as compared to titanium implants. Interestingly, ceramic implants, unlike titanium ones, have goo bio-compatibility that does not affect blood flow. Ceramic implants being hardy prevent bone regression in the jaw bone.

    They also have good aesthetic properties with the post functioning as artificial roots. As compared to titanium, the white color is more adorable than the grey edges associated with titanium implants. Lastly, ZERAMEX implants are stable and durable with test results from clinical practice showing 96% success during healing.

    Dental Implants To Make Your Smile Beautiful

    Dental implants can enhance the appearance of your smile. What can dental implants do for me? Call us today for a consultation.

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    "Best dentist and best dental hygienist I have ever worked with in my entire life! They are professional, patient, and for the first time in years I am comfortable going back to the dentist. Outstanding experience and I highly recommend their office to everyone!"

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