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Dental Implants Q & A

As a member of IAOMT, we care about our patients, and provide mercury free, compassionate dental care. We also offer ozone dental therapy, as well as Invisalign’s clear, chemical and metal free braces.

We use biocompatible dental materials whenever possible, along with modern technology and 29 years of dental experience. Our biocompatible, metal-free Zirconia implants are non-corrosive, aesthetically appealing, and tissue friendly.

We are a health-orientated dental office with a spa-like atmosphere, affording an all natural way to relax during your dental visit.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are posts made of Zirconia or titanium that attach to your jawbone. They serve as the base for new artificial teeth where an empty space exists from tooth loss. Your bone gradually fuses with the implant. After your jaw has healed, you receive a crown that covers the Zirconia or titanium base.

In the past, dental implants were always fabricated from titanium. Dr. Lipovetskiy uses Zirconia metal-free implants. They don’t corrode, they’re biocompatible, and they provide the most natural and aesthetically-pleasing look. Zirconia implants are also a good choice for patients who have existing metal restorations. They have a 98% success rate and may integrate with the bone tissue more quickly.

What Happens During An Implant Procedure?

Dr. Lipovetskiy numbs the entire area of your mouth so you’re as comfortable as possible during the procedure. Using 3D imaging for precision, he places a Zirconia post in the hollow area where your old tooth sat. As your jaw heals, the bone fuses with the post to form a strong, permanent base for a new tooth. The next step is placing an attachment on top of the post so that a crown can cover it.

Once your jaw has completely healed, you’re ready for a new tooth. Dr. Lipovetskiy creates a new crown that fits directly over the Zirconia post. Other people won’t be able to tell which tooth is the implant and which is not!

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Tooth loss can be a devastating experience, especially if it’s in front of your mouth. We need our teeth for chewing, speaking, and a healthy sense of confidence. Dr. Boris Lipovetskiy with Advanced Dental Wellness Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, can restore your smile with a dental implant. Implants are a permanent solution to your lost tooth, and they’re indistinguishable from the surrounding teeth. Call the office to book an appointment for a tooth restoration that results in a bright, white, beautiful smile.

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What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants?

Instead of messy dentures, dental implants are today’s preferred method of replacing lost teeth. Advantages include the following:

Permanent: Implants should last for the remainder of your lifetime. They fuse with your own tissue to become part of your body, whereas dentures may need replacing.

Worry-free: Since implants are permanent and become part of the structure of your mouth, you can eat what you want and speak with confidence. You may not be able to enjoy all of your favorite foods if you wear dentures. They can also slip and cause muffled speech, creating embarrassment.

Convenient: Once implants are healed and you receive a crown, you brush and floss normally. Dentures are messy and require special care, adding a significant amount of time to your daily dental routine.

Support facial structure: If you lose a tooth and don’t get a replacement, your gum recedes, making your mouth sink inward. Tooth loss always causes permanent bone loss.

Why Ceramic Dental Implants (ZERAMEX)?

We use ZERAMEX dental implants. Ceramic implants are not affected by contact with oral bacteria or other dental materials. They also have a lower affinity with plaque – harmful plaque finds less surface adhesion than with titanium implants. This significantly reduces the risk of inflammation around the implant.

  • The biocompatibility of ceramic allows natural blood flow to the gums around the implant.

When titanium implants are used, however, the blood flow to the adjacent gums is almost 20 percent less than with a natural tooth. Ceramic implants also counteract natural bone regression in the jaw.

  • The completely metal-free ZERAMEX® ceramic implants are aesthetically and functionally impressive as artificial tooth roots.

Their white colour is visually superior to grey titanium: There is no risk of visible grey edges or the dark core of the implant showing through.

  • You can rely on the stability and durability of ZERAMEX® implants: Test results and clinical practice speak for themselves.

A success rate of over 96 percent was observed during the healing process.

Rebuild Your Smile

Learn more about restoring your smile with dental implants by contacting our office online or calling (954) 525-5662 today.

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