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    Frenectomy for Tongue Tie and Lip Tie

    Looking for a hassle-free frenectomy? Our cosmetic dentistry experts offer a comfortable and cost-effective procedure to enhance your oral health. Frenectomies are essential for unrestricted oral movement, contributing to a healthier, more confident smile. Take your first step towards a better smile – reach out now to learn more about the frenectomy process and what to expect in terms of cost and care.

    Dental Frenectomy: Meaning & Types

    Frenectomy is a dental surgery that deals with tongue-tie and lip-tie problems and involves cutting the frenulum (also called frenum) – a tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth or lips to the gums. Considering the presence of several frenums in the oral cavity, we can distinguish two main types of frenectomy:

    Lingual frenectomy

    When performing a lingual frenectomy, a surgeon cuts the connective tissue between your tongue and the floor of your mouth. It’s a great solution to treat issues caused by a defective tongue-tie, especially since the procedure pricing is reasonable.


    Labial frenectomy

    This type of frenectomy dental surgery involves the removal of the connective tissue between your upper lip and gums. The procedure can be performed with the lower lip as well. The prices for cutting upper and lower lip-ties are often the same, while the first option is still more common.

    Who Needs Oral Surgery Frenectomy?

    In most cases, a dentista performs frenectomy on children who have feeding or speech-related issues. The price of frenulum cutting procedure is traditionally inexpensive, and it’s often done shortly after birth. However, adults may also need such treatment, for example, when a frenum is too tight and causes gum recession. In this case, the cost of frenectomy may be higher.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Advantages of Frenectomy Surgery

    Curious whether it’s worth paying the price for cutting the frenum? Well, you should see a dentist for a frenectomy consultation to know not just the pricing of the procedure but also its effectiveness for you. In general, the surgery has multiple benefits:

    • tackling feeding/speech issues in children
    • improved facial appearance
    • reduced risk of oral problems, including tooth decay and gum disease
    • bite function improvement
    • teeth gaps removal

    Why Choose Our Dentistry for Frenectomy Dental Surgery

    Frenulum cutting at Advanced Wellness Center gives you some extra perks! This is what we offer:

    • Quick and painless process. We perform the frenectomy dental procedure using a WaterLase laser. This cutting-edge technology makes the process pain-free, so you can even do without anesthesia. What’s more, the treatment is cheaper in pricing, takes little time, and promotes faster healing.
    • High-class patient care. Our surgeons are highly qualified and have long been familiar with any possible tongue-tie and lip-tie issues. Hence, they will handle your problem easily and also recommend an efficient care plan to keep your mouth healthy.  
    • Good pricing. We set a reasonable frenectomy procedure cost to make the surgery affordable for our patients. The price depends on the amount of tissue cut, age of the patient, and whether any additional procedures are performed (e.g. gum repairs). But still, you will never pay sky-high costs for frenectomy.


    Letizia Romero
    Letizia Romero

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    Law Of Attraction 1111

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    Really good employees, they treat me with respect,I feel very comfortable going there and the place was really clean.


    If it is too large, the attachment between lips and gums or beneath the tongue, known as the frenum, can cause gapped teeth or tongue-tie. During the treatment, a frenectomy surgery specialist can clip this tissue to ease discomfort and even improve speech for children or adults. Sound helpful? That’s because it is.

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