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    Do you have issues with the structure of your teeth? Do you have serious cracks or chips? Then dental crowns can help you! Dental crowns protect the structure of your existing tooth, improve its appearance and provide a long-lasting solution for a low cost.

    What is a Dental Crown?

    A dental crown is a "cap" that is placed over a tooth. When tooth is structural damage and fillings are incapable of solving the issue dentist fix dental crown. It restoring shape, size, strength, and improving tooth appearance. When a crown is cemented into place, it fully encases the entire visible portion of a tooth that lies at and above the gum line.

    Dental crowns are a long-term fix and can last for up to 15 years. They are hard, stain resistant, and more durable than natural teeth. Dental crowns are custom-made to fit your tooth and are cemented in place, ensuring they don’t move when eating.


    What Are the Benefits of Dental Crowns?

    Tooth caps prevent a decayed or structurally damaged tooth from further decaying. They also improve the aesthetics of your tooth. Here are some more benefits of teeth crowns:

    • They prevent pain and discomfort by protecting the structure of your teeth
    • Dental crowns are custom-made for you
    • They prevent pain and discomfort by protecting the structure of your teeth
    • Dental crowns are durable and last for 15 years
    • Dental crowns can be made for an affordable price

    Dental crowns are a great option if you want to replace worn-out fillings, improve the look of discolored teeth or restore cracked teeth. In just two visits to our clinic, you can receive your dental crown and instantly improve your tooth’s health and all that for market-beating prices.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who Can Get Dental Crowns?

    A crown for teeth is recommended when you have serious damage to the structure of your tooth, but it is not enough to warrant removing the tooth. If your tooth is cracked and a filling can not remedy the issue, then a dental crown is used.

    A crown for the teeth will also be used when you receive an implant. Your existing tooth will be removed, a post will be inserted into your jaw, and then a crown dentistry will be attached to the post.

    How Do Dental Crowns Work?

    Dental crowns are custom-made caps that fit over your existing tooth. They are permanently cemented onto your existing tooth and look like a natural tooth. They are often made of porcelain which is stain resistant and protects your existing tooth.

    During the first visit, we will examine the tooth that’s going to receive the crown and take X-rays. If there is significant decay or risk of infection, you may need a root canal. 

    Your tooth will be filed down to ensure the crown can fit, or a filling may be applied if too much of your tooth is missing. Impressions of your tooth are then made and sent to a laboratory which will produce your custom dental crown within a few weeks. You will receive a temporary tooth cap on your first visit to protect your tooth.

    During your second visit, your permanent crown will be installed. Your tooth will be numbed, and you won’t feel a thing as the crown is cemented into position.

    Are Dental Crowns Painful?

    Dental crown procedure is not painful as dentists numb the tooth and surrounding gum. Once the numbing agent wears off, you may experience some slight pain and sensitivity. However, this will subside quickly, and you should be fully recovered within 2 weeks.

    Dental crowns are faster and less painful than dental implants and can achieve the same result. Dental crowning also has a lower price.

    How Much Do Crowns Cost?

    The cost of dental crowns ranges from $800 to $1,300 per tooth. The price depends on the type of material used. Porcelain crowns tend to be more expensive than metal crowns.

    Dental Crowns At Advanced Dental Wellness Center!

    At Advanced Dental Wellness Center, you can receive custom-made dental crowns in just two appointments. Our dentists will prepare your teeth, take impressions and your crowns will be created in just a few weeks. Then on your second appointment, install your brand-new natural-looking crown dental.

    Dental crowns are an amazing option if you have cracked or damaged teeth. With a capping on tooth, you can improve the health of your tooth, protect it from further damage and improve its aesthetic appearance. 

    Call Advanced Dental Wellness Center today, and get your dental crowns produced so we can help restore your teeth!


    Salvador Castillo
    Salvador Castillo

    I am so glad that I found this place for my dental care. Although I cannot complain about the quality of my past dental providers, the lack of available schedule by the end of the year made me to search for an alternative. I was very lucky to find this little gem, that raised the bar even higher. The staff is very courteus and efficient, and Alina went beyond the extra mile to find me a suitable spot on their schedule that fitted my availability, making the whole process very easy. The hygienist Natalie was exceedengly caring and with her explanations and other resources -such as a calm Chrismast-themed background music, very appropriate for the days- completedly shifted an unappealling procedure into a pleasant healthcare experience where I felt taken care of.

    GG A
    GG A

    This review is really for dental hygienist Natalia. For a long time I neglected my dental health at first due to a lack of insurance, then because it had been so long I was embarrassed to go, which created a vicious cycle. I did not want to be chastised or given less than care due to my carelessness. I decided to commit to better oral health and was hoping I wouldn’t have to go through multiple offices to find the right dentist for me. I decided to check out advanced dental wellness and I’m very glad I did. I’ve gotten a consult and a deep cleaning so far. The Doctor was pleasant and seems knowledgeable so far my time with him was at the consultation, looking forward to working with him on my future procedures. However, the absolute star and gem of the office is dental hygienist Natalia. She is warm, gentle, non judgmental and a total professional. She took her time to thoroughly give me a better care plan and made sure repeatedly I was comfortable. Having her encouragement and positive attitude means more than she can imagine, I’ve always been very intimidated by the dentists office but she has me excited to be on this journey. Thank you so so much to her. This office could really not have a better employee, I hope she is cherished. The rest of the staff is very courteous, efficient, and they greet you by name. Would recommend 10/10

    Claudine R
    Claudine R

    I was looking for a good dentist for a while and I finally find one.

    Boris is a real nice person and an excellent dentist, he is professional, knowledgeable and caring.

    He did a great job on my new crowns and my bite adjustment, everything feels so confortable now, never felt better.

    He is by far the best dentist I have ever been to and his staff is also great.

    I am very happy with the work that was done.


    Hands down one of the best dentist! I have alot of issues with my mouth and the doctor made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Will definitely recommend!!

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