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Cosmetic Dentistry in Fort Lauderdale

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    Are you looking to enhance your smile but worried about the cost of procedures? Our cosmetic dentistry office can help you achieve your goal without overpaying.

    Сosmetic dentist Dr. Lipovetsky is engaged in improving the smile, solves problems with teeth and gums.

    Schedule a consultation at our Fort Lauderdale dental clinic! We will help you achieve straight, beautiful teeth. Smile without hesitation and discover newfound self-confidence!

    What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

    Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the appearance of a person's smile. It's aim is not only to create a beautiful smile and enhance the aesthetics of teeth, but also to support their health and functionality.

    Cosmetic dentistry encompasses a range of procedures and methods, including:

    Cosmetic Dentistry Action
    1 Professional Cleaning

    Thorough cleaning of the teeth to remove stains and plaque buildup, contributing to a brighter and healthier smile.

    2 Teeth Whitening

    Procedures to lighten the color of teeth, addressing discoloration and enhancing the overall appearance of the smile. Using Opalescence for simple teeth whitening. We use KOR whitening for tetracycline teeth

    3 Bite correction of teeth

    This can be achieved through the use of veneers or orthodontic appliances to correct tooth misalignment and achieve a straighter smile. Correcting a crooked teeth with Invisible aligners.

    4 Restoring Damaged Teeth

    Cosmetic dentistry can involve restoring damaged or decayed teeth through techniques like dental crowns or tooth-colored fillings, ensuring a natural look.

    5 Replacement of Missing Teeth

    Using tooth bridges, dentures or dental implantation to replace missing teeth, improving both aesthetics and functionality.

    Should know!

    In some cases, a combination of these procedures may be required. Cosmetic dentistry offers various ways for patients to achieve their desired smile and enhance their overall dental appearance.

    Meet our cosmetic dentist in Fort Lauderdale

    Doctors photo

    Dr. Boris Lipovetsky has over 30 years of experience in Cosmetic dentistry.

    As the founder of Advanced Dental Wellness Center, his extensive expertise in the field of cosmetic dentistry helps him utilize safe, reliable, and innovative methods for smile transformation. Non-invasive dental treatment is conducted using state-of-the-art equipment.


    Our Cosmetic Dentist Benefits
    • Dr. Lipovetsky specializes in dental laser treatment of hard and soft tissues.
    • He employs holistic treatment, using only non-toxic, biocompatible materials in dental procedures that do not trigger allergic reactions or autoimmune issues. He pays attention to the patient's overall health.
    • Applies ozone therapy – using ozone for the treatment of various dental issues.
    • Conducts thorough diagnostics, including 3D Imagine X-rays and ITERO digital scanning for making Invisalign clear aligners.
    • Utilizes the NuCalm technology – patients feel more relaxed during dental procedures, reducing stress and tension.
    • Whitens teeth using the KOR system, effectively removing stubborn, deeply embedded stains, including tetracycline stains.
    • Uses the Tekscan system to measure occlusion, evaluating tooth contacts and registering pressure and force during biting.


    • Real-time tracking and analysis of data on tooth contacts and force distribution.
    • Detects any imbalances or anomalies in occlusion, aiding in precise diagnosis.
    • Occlusion measurement is quicker and does not require making molds or plaster models.


    • Reduced pain, discomfort, and noise during procedures.
    • Minimal damage to surrounding tissues.
    • Faster healing process.
    • Lower anesthesia requirement.
    • High precision in dental work.


    • No injections or surgical interventions needed.
    • Pain-free without anesthesia.
    • Free from harmful chemicals, safe for the body and the environment.
    • Possesses antimicrobial properties.
    • Effective in treating infections and cavities.
    Dr.-B.-Lipovetskiy (1)

    Boris Lipovetskiy

    Dentist with 30 years of experience

    Are you searching affordable & high-quality cosmetic dentist in Fort Lauderdale?

    Look no further! We offer cosmetic dentistry at a comfortable price point. We'll work with you to develop an optimal smile transformation plan that aligns with your preferences and budget.

    Our team is ready to provide urgent treatment and immediate assistance. We'll address your questions, explain each step of the procedure, ensuring that you feel informed and confident. You can regain your smile on the very day of your visit.

    Cost of cosmetic dental care

    Type Price
    Porcelain veneers for toothstarted at $899
    Professional teeth cleaning$120 new patient special
    KOR Teeth Whitening$800 special

    Cosmetic dentist can transform your smile

    Your smile is important! Consider cosmetic dentistry if you have:

    • Pigmentation spots or other color imperfections.
    • Chips or cracks.
    • Cavities and dental decay.
    • Gaps between teeth.
    • Crooked or misaligned teeth.
    • Bite irregularities or jaw problems.
    • Increased enamel sensitivity.
    • Inflammation or gum recession.
    • Missing teeth in your dental arch.
    Dr.-B.-Lipovetskiy (1)

    Boris Lipovetskiy

    Dentist with 30 years of experience

    Beauty and functionality of a teeth – two sides of the cosmetic dentistry!

    «As a cosmetic dentist, I not only enhance the aesthetics of a smile but also restore the functionality of teeth and the overall health of my patients.

    If an immediate smile improvement is needed, I consider teeth whitening procedures. In cases of enamel defects, tooth chipping, or other cosmetic issues, I can install veneers, which also result in an instant aesthetic enhancement.

    For patients facing more complex issues such as temporomandibular joint dysfunction or bite problems, I work on developing a long-term treatment plan. This plan primarily focuses on restoring the full functionality of the oral cavity and then addressing smile aesthetics.»

    How does a cosmetic dentist create the perfect smile?

    To achieve a Hollywood smile, the dentist employs various methods and procedures. Here are the main ones:

    • Airflow

      Professional dental hygiene cleaning. A special device uses an airflow to remove pigment, plaque, and deposits from the teeth. It helps improve their color and cleanliness, preventing decay.

    • KOR Teeth Whitening

      A professional teeth whitening system. It eliminates stubborn, deeply ingrained stains, including tetracycline stains. The whitening gel penetrates enamel pores, removing discoloration. The patient wears custom-made trays, achieving a brighter smile.

    • Fillings

      Fillings are a dental procedure used to restore teeth damaged by cavities. The primary goal is to restore their function and structure, preventing further decay. Cavities in teeth, formed after the removal of decayed tissue, are filled with composite or ceramic fillings.

    • Laser Gum Therapy

      A treatment method for gum-related issues using laser technology. Lasers remove infected tissue in cases of inflammation. It is applied to correct gum shape and enhance smile aesthetics. For instance, it can address gum recession (the retreat of gums, exposing tooth roots) or excess gum tissue. This therapy gives them a more symmetrical appearance and a harmonious contour.

    Teeth cleaning airflow
    • Porcelain Veneers

      Repair the cosmetic appearance of the front teeth with porcelain veneers. They help change the color, shape, and size of teeth, as well as close gaps and repair chips and cracks. To attach them, a small layer of enamel is removed, and they are bonded with dental cement.

    • Zirconia Crowns

      Dental restoration involves placing a crown over a damaged tooth. It restores its structure and function, providing protection and reinforcement while preventing further decay. It conceals defects and creates a natural appearance. Crowns made of zirconia are highly durable.

    Perfect smile with veneers
    • Ceramic Implants

      Metal-free ceramic implants are used to replace missing teeth. They are well-tolerated by the body and are suitable for patients with metal allergies or those who prefer to avoid the introduction of metallic materials into their bodies. Ceramic implants have a natural color that closely matches the shade of natural teeth. They are sturdy and long-lasting.

    • Invisalign

      A modern orthodontic correction system. Transparent, removable Invisalign aligners made of clear material straighten teeth and improve the bite. These orthodontic devices exert gentle but continuous pressure on the teeth, moving them into the correct positions. They enhance the appearance of teeth without the use of traditional braces.

    Dental bridge on implants

    Cosmetic dentistry stages

    Here's a step-by-step description of what a patient can expect during cosmetic dentistry:

    1 Consultation and Assessment

    The journey begins with a consultation where the dentist evaluates the condition of your teeth, gums, and bite. They discuss your desires and goals, helping to define a treatment plan and selecting appropriate procedures. Clear expectations about the treatment and its cost are provided during this stage.

    2 Preparatory Procedures

    In some cases, it's necessary to establish a healthy foundation for cosmetic treatment. This may involve teeth cleaning, treating cavities, or replacing old fillings. Materials for crowns or veneer colors are chosen, and digital scanning is done for their fabrication. Sometimes, professional dental hygiene and teeth whitening are sufficient to achieve the desired outcome.

    3 Installation of Cosmetic Elements

    If your treatment plan includes veneers, crowns, or implants, these will be installed as planned.

    4 Additional Procedures

    If required, adjustments may be made to the gums. For patients with crooked or crowded teeth, gaps, or an incorrect bite, the dentist conducts a diagnosis. Subsequently, a personalized long-term treatment plan is developed to enhance your smile and bite.

    5 Post-Treatment Recommendations

    After completing all procedures, the patient is educated on how to care for their new smile. The dentist emphasizes the importance of regular check-ups to maintain the health and beauty of the teeth.

    Should know!

    Every case is unique, and the treatment plan will depend on the patient's specific characteristics and goals.

    Dr. Lipovetsky – Cosmetic Dentist in Fort Lauderdale

    Dr. Lipovetsky is a cosmetic dentist with extensive experience and certifications, providing high-quality dental treatments and smile enhancements. He holds a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree, which he earned in the field of dentistry back in 1994.

    He adheres to the principle of continuous learning and professional development. Dr. Lipovetsky regularly participates in seminars, training sessions, and conferences to stay updated on the latest advancements in dentistry. He is dedicated to improving both the health and aesthetics of your teeth, ensuring you receive top-notch care.

    Before & After Cosmetic Dentistry



    Marci Derrick
    Marci Derrick
    september 2023

    I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Boris Lipovetskiy and his staff.  I've received excellent service at each of my appointments. His holistic dentistry approach is what I was looking for and he delivered and know so much about how oral health is so important to the rest of the body. He's patient, explains in detail his findings and what the options are.  His front desk staff are very friendly and easy to work with.  Also, Dr. Rouleau, oral surgeon, was top notch as well.  Today I had a root canal removal, and he did it with ease and was so professional and I didn't feel a thing.  Truly, Advanced Dental Wellness is a place where your oral health will be treated with advanced care.

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