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Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal

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    According to AAOMS (American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons), about 90% of patients have at least one impacted third molar.

    Don't let impacted wisdom teeth cause you discomfort or complications. Our experienced dentists specializes in the safe and efficient removal wisdom teeth to give you relief and protect your oral health. With advanced techniques and compassionate care, we make the extraction process as comfortable as possible. Schedule your consultation today to discuss your options for wisdom teeth removal.


    What is Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

    Impacted wisdom teeth refer to the third set of molars at the back of the mouth that don't have enough room to emerge or develop normally. Wisdom teeth are the last adult teeth to come into the mouth. Most people have four wisdom teeth, one in each corner of the mouth — two on the top, two on the bottom.

    Impaction occurs when a wisdom tooth comes through at an angle and pushes into the gum or the tooth beside it. This can happen for several reasons:

    • Insufficient Space – many people's jaws are too small for all 32 teeth — the 28 teeth that have room to grow by early adolescence and the four wisdom teeth.
    • Wisdom teeth can be angled towards or away from the second molars, or they can be angled inward or outward.
    • Sometimes, the wisdom tooth may partially emerge through the gum, leading to a flap of gum tissue growing over it. Food and germs can get trapped under that flap and cause the gum to become red, swollen, and painful. These are symptoms of infection.
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    Boris Lipovetskiy

    Dentist with 30 years of experience

    Impacted wisdom teeth are removed

    Impacted wisdom teeth can cause various problems, such as pain, damage to other teeth, and other dental issues. However, because they're hard to clean, they may be more vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease than other teeth are.

    The procedure can vary from a simple tooth extraction to a more complex surgical procedure, depending on the level of impaction and the tooth's position.

    Types of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

    Wisdom teeth are the last to erupt, and it happens that a tooth becomes either fully or partially trapped in the jawbone or gums. In this case, surgical intervention is required. And the impacted wisdom teeth cost of removal depends on the severity of the problem. So, there are four types of impactions we are dealing with:

    • Mesial – the most common type when the tooth is located at an angle to the front of your mouth.
    • Distal – the rarest type when the tooth is located at an angle to the back of your mouth.
    • Horizontal – when the tooth is lying on the side, trapped in the gums.
    • Vertical – when the tooth is located correctly but is still trapped in the gums.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Wisdom Teeth Impaction Symptoms

    Before finding out the cost of removal of impacted wisdom teeth, you need to ensure you truly have such a problem. Here comes a time to visit a dentist – our specialists will perform a thorough examination of your mouth to see if your tooth is impacted and whether your jawbone is damaged. They will inform you about the impacted wisdom teeth removal price, the steps of the surgery, the proper aftercare, and much more. There are also some signs of trapped teeth – do not ignore these symptoms as the treatment may be cheaper in pricing if you address the problem as soon as it arises.

    • bleeding, swollen, or red gums
    • jaw pain
    • swelling of your face or jaw
    • bad breath/taste
    • trouble opening your mouth

    Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

    When removing a tooth at Advanced Wellness Center, you pay the pricing for high-quality dental procedures as our specialists know how to make the process smooth and painless, no matter what type of impacted wisdom teeth you have. Meanwhile, the prices are still reasonable, even though we use innovative technologies such as WaterLase laser to reach the best possible results.  

    A surgeon will give you the anesthesia, cut the gum to expose an impacted tooth, and separate the tissue that connects your dent with the jawbone. The dentist may also crush the tooth to get it removed smoothly. As soon as the impacted third molar is extracted, the socket will be sutured.

    Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal

    Trapped wisdom teeth may impact your overall well-being and lead to various oral problems. Thus, the pricing of wisdom teeth impacted removal is a good investment in strong health. So what price will you pay? In general, there are several factors that affect the cost of impacted wisdom teeth extractions, including the type of impaction and the amount of work done to remove a tooth. Thus, the pricing of simple tooth removals is different from that for trapped teeth extraction. However, the prices for both procedures are still affordable at our clinic. Moreover, you can reduce the pricing of the surgery with dental insurance – many plans cover up to 50% of the wisdom teeth impacted cost of extractions. If you are concerned about the covered pricing, discuss your options with the insurance agency. Anyway, it’s worth paying the price since wisdom teeth removal will prevent more costly problems in the future.


    Yanie Hartzog
    Yanie Hartzog

    I booked an emergency appointment with the Advanced Dental Wellness Center and made him my new dentist after an amazing experience! Dr. Lipovetsky, staff, hygienist and office were exceptionally kind and knowledgeable. Also, the office is beautiful! I am very happy to know that I am in good hands for my dental needs.

    Kaitlin kimia
    Kaitlin kimia

    Amazing Service! Dr. Boris is undoubtable one of the top Doctor of Dentistry in For Lauderdale. Best Crown work possible! He is capable of performing dental work that unfortunately so many other doctors can't or won't do a good job! You will not find too many doctors with such passion for dentistry with whole body wellness approach! He genuinely cares! Wondaful Staff, love the hygienist! Every visit is quality service! Thank you Dr. Boris! My latest amazing and life saving experience with Dr. Boris! He has literally helped saved my life! I have had quite a few signs that I'm heading for a heart attack! Dr. Boris quickly noticed the signs during my visits and recommended dental night guard to correct my jaw. The process was quick and easy! Using the night guards, I can sleep throughout the night, my snoring is completely gone, I can breath so much easier and my oxygen level has gone up! He explained the whole issue to me in detail and how the guard helps correct the issue. When I asked around, I noticed a few of my friend have order the night guard but they are not happy with the device so they don't get to use it! Dr. Boris uses ProSomnus company which offers the best quality of material and most comfortable fit! I ham very happy with my night guard and used it every night. Thanks again Dr. Boris for your unbelievable skills and outmost care for your patience! I am beyond grateful! Thank you the office staff for making each and every visit such an amazing experience!

    galina cajina
    galina cajina

    Doctor Boris did a excellent job now I can smile again with confidence I have beautiful teeth and the staff is great and very caring for they patients thank you guys

    Impacted Teeth

    Wisdom teeth can become impacted when they are trapped under the gums or bone, causing considerable pain. When trapped, wisdom teeth can easily decay and may even damage surrounding teeth. As such, impacted wisdom teeth require extraction. How do I know if my wisdom teeth are impacted?

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