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    Got a Dental Emergency? Call Us Today!

    Call us today if you have a dental emergency including:

    • Tooth Aches
    • Broken Tooth
    • Cracked Teeth
    • Lost Filling
    • Lost Crown
    • Broken Braces Wires
    • Loose Brackets
    • Soft-Tissue Injuries

    Let the caring professionals at Advanced Dental Wellness Center treat your dental emergency.

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    A Knocked-Out Tooth

    Losing a tooth calls for a dental implant. The implant will fill the space that was previously occupied by the root in the gum. If you’re not able to get a re-implant, that is, stick it right to its position within an hour of your accident, high chances are that it can fall off completely. But even if you manage to correctly re-implant, you may still need a root canal. But at least you’ll not need an implant as you’ll have your tooth.

    If your tooth is knocked out, pick it by the crown, that is, the part we use to bite with and not the root, which is the tooth’s pointy end. Messing with the root can damage the tissue helping with re-implantation. Then if it’s an adult tooth, gently rinse away dirt and debris and put it between your cheek and gum, or place it in a cup of milk and immediately come for treatment in our clinic. You can directly call to inform us that you’re coming, and we will have an expert orthodontist waiting for you.

    Additionally, see us immediately if you lose a filling. But first, place cotton to where the filling was so that particles do not enter the cavity.

    Pain Where You Bite

    If you bite food and feel pain, it could be that you have a cracked tooth. So make sure that you crown it as soon as possible to avoid losing the teeth or ending up with a root canal. Crowning helps prevent the crack from progressing by stabilizing your tooth.

    Pain could also indicate muscle pain rather than tooth pain. This is usually caused by daytime or nighttime grinding. Also, it could be an abscess.

    Immediately call us to schedule an appointment for you within the week. But meanwhile, avoid chewing using or on that tooth since that could easily lead to a loss of the tooth, especially if the crack widens all through the tooth.

    A Toothache

    A toothache is caused by a cavity, gum disease, tooth decay, or bruxism (a condition where one grinds their teeth). Managing a toothache requires that one controls the swelling. Once the swelling reduces, you’ll feel less pain. You should, therefore, take an inflammatory medication like Advil to help reduce the inflammation. Then visit us to have us determine the condition causing the pain and an appropriate solution.

    An Injury, a Fall, or an Accident

    These can cause minor to severe consequences. How fast you’re treated determines whether you’ll keep or lose the teeth. Therefore, you should see our expert orthodontist as soon as you can. Well, for this, the only solution is to come to our clinic immediately. Even if you find our offices closed, please call us or leave a message, and one of our emergency staff will get back to you as soon as we can. Our emergency staff can inspect how severe your injury is and determine whether or not it can wait for treatment during our business hours. Plus, they can give you some medication to help with the pain as you await your treatment.

    Have a Swollen Face

    If your face swells, it could mean that you have a serious infection on your tooth, gum, or bone that needs immediate medical care. These types of infections usually don’t get better unless treated. You should immediately call us or visit our office. If you take time, you might be risking dying due to an infection in or around your mouth. Also, avoid lying flat even when sleeping and ensure that you stay upright. We also recommend drinking a lot of fluids. Remember that you should not be dehydrated when you have an infection, as it can lead to more complications.

    A Gum Abscess

    This is a pimple on the gum that could be red, clear, white, or yellowish in color. It could indicate that you have an infection in the tooth or gum, which means you need a tooth extraction or a root canal. Our orthodontist can also recommend x-rays and antibiotics, depending on your case. A gum abscess can cause permanent destruction to your bone. However, if you are treated sooner, you could avoid this. Come to our clinic immediately or call us if you suspect that you have a gum abscess. Also, do not pop the pimple and brush and floss the area as usual.

    Dental emergencies need fast treatment to reduce the severity of the problem. Don’t delay dental treatment because you think that you must schedule an appointment. Our dentists have reserved appointments for dental emergencies. Therefore, if you have an emergency dental issue, be sure to call us or visit our office.

    Got a Dental Emergency?

    Even if you know the office is closed, go ahead and call. Leave a message and an emergency staff will call you as soon as possible. The emergency staff can help determine whether the injury can wait for treatment and can possibly provide pain medication to help alleviate symptoms in the meantime. Then come to see us as soon as possible.

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