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    Do you suffer from gum recession or thinning? Gum grafting can quickly restore your gums and protect your teeth. Our talented surgeons are able to perform this procedure quickly for a great price and prevent you from suffering tooth decay, bone loss, and pain. You can fully recover from this procedure in just 1 week!

    What Is a Gum Graft?

    A gum graft, also known as a gingival graft, is a surgical procedure that involves taking a piece of tissue from the roof of your mouth and placing it in the area where your gums are receding. The goal of gum grafting surgery is to cover exposed teeth roots with healthy gum. A gum graft is typically performed by a periodontist who specializes in gum diseases.

    A gum graft is a straightforward minor surgical procedure. It is an extremely common surgery and offers a long-term solution to thinning gums and also is an effective way to prevent sensitivity and reduce your risk of cavities.

    Gum Grafting

    What Are the Benefits of Gum Grafting?

    This periodontal treatment is an effective way to cover exposed tooth roots and restore receding gums. Exposed tooth roots can lead to a number of different oral health problems, including:

    • Tooth decay
    • Reduce your chance of cavities
    • Sensitivity
    • Improve the appearance of your smile

    A gum graft doesn’t just protect your teeth and boost your oral health it can also give you that lovely toothy smile you always dreamed of. Thanks to a gum graft, you don’t have to be self-conscious about your smile!

    Who Can Get a Gum Graft?

    Gingival grafting is recommended for people who have serious receding gums caused by gum disease or genetics. Prior to recommending any treatment, your dentist will closely inspect your gums and come up with the best solution based on the conditions of your gum.

    If you require gum grafting, don’t panic. This is a simple low cost procedure that permanently solves your gum thinning problem and keeps your teeth healthy for years to come. Following the surgery, you will be left with healthy and natural-looking gums that will perfectly cover your teeth roots.

    gums graft

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Does Gum Grafting Work?

    Your gum grafting surgery will typically only take an hour. During the surgery, your periodontist will follow these steps:

    1. Administers the local anesthesia - Your teeth and gums will be numbed, so you don’t feel anything during the operation. 
    2. Prepare your gums and teeth -  Your surgeon will scrub your teeth roots and cut into your gums which is where the new tissue will be inserted. 
    3. Take the gum graft - Then your periodontist will cut a small piece of tissue from the roof of your mouth.
    4. Insert the gum graft - Then your surgeon will place the tissue from your mouth  over your exposed teeth roots.
    5. Place sutures - In the last step, your periodontist will keep your new gum tissue in place with stitches. 

    Following the surgery, you will have gauze and stitches in place. You can take out the gauze within 20 minutes of your procedure. The stitches will typically fall out within a few days. You can leave the clinic shortly after your operation, but it is recommended to be driven home by a family member or close friend. 

    Is Gum Grafting Painful?

    Gum receding surgery is not painful. During the operation, you will receive a local anesthetic that will completely number your teeth and gums. 

    For the next few days following your operation, moderate pain may be present, and you may need to take a few days off work. Over-the-counter pain medication should be enough to alleviate any pain. You will experience some swelling and bleeding, but this should disappear within 48 hours. You should be fully recovered from the procedure within 2 weeks.

    How Much Does Gum Grafting Cost? Is Gum Grafting Expensive?

    The cost of gum grafts ranges from $600 to $1200. If you require gum contouring as well, which improves the overall aesthetics of your teeth, then you can add several hundred dollars to the price. Fortunately, as gum contouring is a medical procedure, your insurance will cover part or even all of the cost. 

    Book Your Cost Effective Gum Grafting Surgery in Ft Lauderdale, Florida Today!

    Advanced Dental Wellness Center has performed countless gum grafting procedures. We offer highly competitive pricing and always achieve incredible results for our patients. In just one hour, we will transform your gums and cover exposed teeth roots and give you a gorgeous movie star smile. 

    We pride ourselves on delivering permanent and aesthetic solutions to gum disease, market-beating pricing, and fast healing. Following our gum graft procedure, your chance of suffering teeth decay, cavities, and sensitivity will decrease substantially. 

    Do you have receding gums? Do you want to boost your overall oral health? Then schedule your consultation at our clinic, and our experienced periodontists will determine if gum grafts are right for you!


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    Fernando Harb

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    Rod Hagwood

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    elizaveta Shaposhnikova

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