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Gum Disease Treatment Fort Lauderdale

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    Expert Gum Disease Treatment

    As per the study done by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in 2012, around half of the adult population has gum disease. This comes about due to poor cleaning of the teeth resulting in a buildup of dirt around the gums leading to bacterial infections. If not treated in time, this may lead to experiencing pain while eating, bleeding gums, and even permanent loss of teeth.

    What You Need To Know

    Bacteria are actively present in our mouths. Combined with other things that get in, like food particles and even mucus, it leads to the formation of a layer called 'plaque' around the teeth. Proper cleaning of our teeth and flossing adequately help rid of the plaque. If not, the plaque may become hard enough to form "tartar," which is plaque that cannot be cleaned unless you visit a dentist.

    Risk Factors

    Some things that highly lead to gum disease include smoking which takes the lead. This can make it hard to treat gum disease. Others include hormonal changes in women, diseases like diabetes, medications that slow down saliva flow as well as genes.

    Signs & Symptoms

    • To know that you have gum disease, some signs entail:
    • Relentless bad breath
    • Pain while chewing
    • Teeth becoming loose
    • Bleeding gums
    • Gums start receding


    Treatment is based on the magnitude of the gum disease. However, the doctor usually stresses proper mouth hygiene like brushing teeth after every meal, proper flossing, and quitting behavior like smoking.

    Early treatment is also highly encouraging. Here is why

    • Identifying the symptoms early enough before they become hazardous
    • Working on your dental aesthetic for an amazing smile
    • To lessen the amount you will pay in case the gum disease escalates, thereby cutting on budget
    • Getting rid of plaque

    It's advisable for everyone to schedule routine checkups to avoid the consequences that may come with gum disease. Visit your doctor today and safeguard your smile!

    Treat Gum Disease Today

    Without treatment, gum disease undermines both the look and health of your smile. Professional periodontal care not only eliminates pain and bleeding gums, but also prevents the need for more expensive treatment. How can we eliminate gum disease before it causes damage?

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