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Gum Disease Treatment

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    Professional Treatment for Gum Disease

    Are you experiencing bleeding, discomfort while chewing, or other signs of gum disease? Get rid of this annoying problem without much effort and financial investment! Indeed, the pricing for dental gum disease treatment is reasonable so that everyone can afford this procedure. According to statistics, about half of people over 30 have gum-related issues, but many refuse to go to the dentist because of supposedly costly treatments. At Advanced Wellness Center, we never set sky-high prices for dentistry procedures, and the cost of gum disease treatment is so far client-oriented as well. Learn more about the problem, treatment costs, and curing options we offer!

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    What Is Disease of Gums?

    Gum disease refers to infections of the gum tissue caused by the accumulation of plaque around the teeth. Mild inflammation is called gingivitis – this is an early stage of the disease, and treatments for gum infection cost less in this case. After all, the infected tissue can be cured easily by practicing improved oral hygiene habits. The pricing for a gum treatment procedure is a bit higher if gingivitis is progressing to periodontitis – a severe type of dental disorders that appears when plaque build-up hardens and forms tartar causing damage to jaw bone and gums. Whether you suffer from gingivitis or periodontal disease, it can be easily treated at a good price if you turn to our dentists.

    Causes of Gum Diseases

    Why do so many people suffer from periodontitis? If you are willing to keep your mouth healthy and avoid high treatment costs in the future, it’s worth knowing about the gum diseases causes to prevent such a problem from occurring. This is what may cause periodontal disease apart from the plaque build-up:

    • smoking
    • hormonal changes
    • nutrient deficiency
    • prescription medicines
    • crooked, curved teeth
    Gum Disease Treatment

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Gum Disease Symptoms

    Treatment for gum disease cost depends on the severity of the inflammation. Hence, it’s important to detect the problem at the early stage while the treating comes at a comparatively low price and requires minimum effort. So what are the symptoms for gum disease?

    • bad breath
    • bleeding, pain
    • receding gums
    • swollen, inflamed gums
    • sensitive teeth and gums
    • spaces between teeth

    Gum Disease Cures

    All gum and tooth-related issues are treatable, and it’s definitely worth paying the price of a cure for gum disease, the more so that the pricing for treatment is affordable if you turn for help to Advanced Wellness Center. After all, if you do not cure the diseased tissue on time, it may lead to severe consequences, including tooth loss. So, what are the options to treat gum disease?

    • Professional cleaning to cure gingivitis. The pricing for such treatment for gums is rather inexpensive as the overall process is quick and easy. It’s better to get professional cleaning as soon as you feel the first symptoms of the disease. Our dentists treat gums using cutting-edge technologies, such as WaterLase, which is why the pricing of procedures is reasonable and the process is painless.
    • Scaling and root planing. This option of deeper cleaning does not cost much and implies tartar removal down to the bottom of each tooth pocket. The root surfaces are then smoothed to decrease inflammation, which allows your gum tissues to heal and re-attach to your teeth more firmly.
    • Periodontal surgery. The price of this gum disease treatment is higher than in previous cases as it involves surgical interventions. Such procedures are performed to remove tartar from hard-to-reach places and reduce pocket depth. In some cases, a dentist also treats the damaged tissues with special grafts designed to rebuild gums. Treatment pricing varies, but it will not cost you a lot.

    How to Prevent Gum Diseases

    Even though the price for a gum treatment procedure is affordable, it’s still better to take proper care of your oral health to avoid such unpleasant diseases in the future. These tips will come in handy:

    • brush your teeth twice a day and use a mouth rinse
    • use dental floss to clean bacteria and plaque between teeth, its pricing is low, while the effectiveness is high
    • in addition to the things you do at home, visit your dentist for a professional cleaning – the price of this procedure is not high, and this is the best way to prevent gum diseases


    Tamara Vicovan
    Tamara Vicovan

    Dr. Lipovetsky really does his job well. I had a great experience and I highly recommend!

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    Dora Salazar

    This place is wonderful. All the staff members are very friendly. As a professional in the field of alternative health, it was very important for me to find a dentist that was in alignment with my holistic philosophy. I did a lot of research and decided for this place. I has exceeded my expectations. My teeth are coming back to life, and a happy smile is priceless. Highly recommend this business.

    Lucia Ballesteros
    Lucia Ballesteros

    Love the staff friendly! Doctor very professional and the office vey clean !

    Treat Gum Disease Today

    Without treatment, gum disease undermines both the look and health of your smile. Professional periodontal care not only eliminates pain and bleeding gums, but also prevents the need for more expensive treatment. How can we eliminate gum disease before it causes damage?

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