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Invisalign Fort Lauderdale

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Advanced Dental Wellness Center

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Invisalign & Clear Braces Q & A

Advanced Dental Wellness Center

As a member of IAOMT, we care about our patients, and provide mercury-free, compassionate dental care. We also offer ozone dental therapy, as well as Invisalign’s clear, chemical and metal free braces.

We are a health-orientated dental office with a spa-like atmosphere, affording an all natural way to relax during your dental visit.

Invisalign® is a chemical-free modern orthodontic system for straightening teeth without metal braces. With Invisalign, you wear a series of clear aligners made of a special patented soft, non-toxic plastic material. The aligners gradually move teeth into the proper position using mild pressure. If you want to change your smile but don’t want traditional braces, Invisalign may be the answer for you.

How Does Invisalign Change My Smile?

At the initial visit, Dr. Lipovetskiy examines your mouth and teeth to determine if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign. If you are, he uses a scanner to take 3D pictures of your teeth. Using those pictures, he’s able to show you how your teeth will move and what your smile will look like by the end of your treatment.

Dr. Lipovetskiy sends the scan of your teeth to a lab, which makes the Invisalign plastic aligners. They’ll fit over your teeth with a bit of gentle pressure on the teeth that need to be moved to a new position. The aligner can move your teeth to the side and also move them vertically if they’re not upright.

When the aligners are ready, Dr. Lipovetskiy places them on your teeth, examines the fit, and provides instructions. You need to wear the aligners constantly, taking them off only to eat and brush your teeth.

You’ll see Dr. Lipovetskiy in two weeks; he’ll make small adjustments, if necessary. At that point, he may give you three or four sets of aligners at a time. Brief re-checks are typically every six weeks when he monitors your progress and gives you the next sets of new aligners. Each time you progress to a new set of aligners, your teeth gradually move into the desired position.

Advanced Dental Wellness Center


We use biocompatible dental materials whenever possible, along with modern technology and 29 years of dental experience. Our biocompatible, metal-free Zirconia implants are non-corrosive, aesthetically appealing, and tissue friendly.

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What Tooth Problems Does Invisalign Correct?

At one time, Invisalign was considered a cosmetic treatment to straighten teeth. Today, Invisalign corrects significant dental problems:

  • Overbite — upper teeth stick out too far over the lower teeth
  • Open bite — upper teeth don’t close over lower teeth when you bite
  • Underbite — lower teeth and jaw stick out beyond the upper teeth
  • Gaps — too much space between teeth
  • Crossbite — misalignment between front and/or back teeth
  • Crowded teeth

What Are The Advantages Of Invisalign?

Invisalign has many advantages over traditional braces:

  • Invisible — your appearance remains natural
  • Removable — can enjoy all foods
  • Ease of maintenance — can brush easily when you remove them
  • No injuries/cuts to the mouth — no wires or brackets
  • Less discomfort — no metal in your mouth
  • Faster results — up to 50% faster treatment time

Achieve A Straighter, Healthier Smile

If you are interested in straightening your smile with Invisalign, contact our office online or call us at (954) 525-5662 today.

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