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    Missing a tooth? Restore Your Smile with Dental Bridges. Our dental bridges can instantly restore the look and function of your teeth. With a natural appearance and a fit designed to last, you'll forget it's not your original tooth.

    What Are Dental Bridges?

    Bridge denture involves replacing a missing tooth or teeth with fake teeth. Dental bridges are recommended when you have a missing tooth but have healthy teeth on either side.

    Dental bridge treatment is a long-term option - with proper care, you will not need to replace them for as long as 15 years! They provide you with a strong and stain-resistant replacement tooth that will perfectly match your existing teeth. 

    Dental Bridge

    What Are the Pros of Dental Bridges?

    A bridge denture will improve the aesthetic of your smile, help you chew your food, prevent gum disease, and help with pronunciation. The benefits of bridge for a tooth include

    • They improve the overall look of your teeth and smile
    • They prevent your face from becoming sunken and maintain your jawline
    • Bridges teeth are more secure and stable than implants
    • Dental bridges do not require surgery, unlike implants
    • Dental bridges have a lower cost than implants

    Bridges for teeth are an effective way to replace missing teeth and quickly restore teeth function. They look natural, and no one will know they aren’t your actual teeth.

    Dental Bridge Benefits
    • Restored Functionality

      Bridges allow you to eat and speak more effectively, as they replace missing teeth that are essential for proper chewing and enunciation.

    • Prevention of Misalignment

      By filling gaps, teeth bridges prevent the shifting of remaining teeth, which can lead to misalignment and other dental issues.

    • Even Distribution of Bite Force

      A dental bridge can help distribute the forces in your bite more evenly by replacing missing teeth.

    • Non-Invasive Procedure

      Compared to dental implants, teeth bridges often require less invasive procedures and no surgery.

    • Ease of Adaptation

      Many patients find it easier to adapt to bridges compared to other replacement options, as they feel and function like natural teeth.

    Who Can Get Dental Bridges?

    If you are missing one or up to three teeth in a row, have healthy surrounding teeth, do not have gum disease, and have sufficient jaw bone density, you can get dental bridges.

    Tooth Bridge is a fast and affordable way to replace teeth. The price is significantly lower than implants, and the procedure does not require surgery.

    How Do Dental Bridges Work?

    Dental bridges feature a false tooth and then two abutment teeth on either side. In most cases, the tooth bridge is made from porcelain which provides a natural look and instantly enhances your smile. Porcelain is stain resistant and provides great protection.

    When you first visit us, the dentist will ensure that your tooth is free of decay and your gums are healthy. Then the dentist will file down the 2 healthy teeth on either side of the missing tooth and take a mold to create the dental bridge.

    After a few days dentist fixed dental bridge to the adjacent healthy teeth.

    abutment teeth

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Dental Bridges Painful?

    The dental bridge procedure is not painful because you will receive a local anesthetic and won’t feel a thing. There may be some mild pain over the following few days. However, this pain will rapidly disappear, and you should feel no sensitivity two weeks after the procedure.

    Dental bridges are far less invasive than dental implants. The recovery time is much faster as traditional bridges for a tooth do not require surgery. 

    Dental Bridges vs Implants

    With a dental implant, a post is drilled into your jaw bone and then a dental crown is installed onto the post. With a dental bridge, the teeth on either side of the missing teeth are filed down, and then a bridge containing two crowns and a pontic (false teeth without a root) is placed.

    Dental implants require intensive surgery, and you have to wait months for the implant to fully heal. Traditional dental bridges take just two weeks to recover from, do not require surgery, and are significantly cheaper.

    How Much Do Dental Bridges Cost?

    The cost of traditional dental bridges starts at $500 and can be as high as $1,200 per tooth, while Maryland bonded dental bridges cost between $1,1200 to $2,340. If you need an implant-supported bridge, then the overall cost will be higher due to the additional surgery costs.

    Dental Bridges At Advanced Dental Wellness Center!

    With us, you can enjoy high-quality porcelain dental bridges for a reasonable price. First, our dentists will prepare your teeth by filing them, checking for decay and gum disease, and taking a mold of your teeth. Then we will create your bridge within a couple of weeks. In your visit appointment, we will cement the bridge to your surrounding healthy teeth.

    If you are missing teeth, then a dental bridge is a low cost and fast solution. Thanks to our natural-looking porcelain bridges, you will retain full tooth function and recapture your beautiful smile. Traditional dental bridges do not require surgery, and the procedure is painless. 

    Contact Advanced Dental Wellness Center now and quickly replace your missing teeth with a stunningly natural-looking dental bridge!


    Kelvin Jones
    Kelvin Jones

    Overall the experience was amazing concerning the knowledge about my health

    Casey Crist
    Casey Crist

    I was beyond impressed with the experience at Advanced Dental Wellness Center! Every employee was smiling the entire time I was there (and not just to show off how great their teeth look!) and couldn’t have been more welcoming and friendly. This is a place where they truly CARE about your “dental wellness” (as the name denotes) and educate you about it as part of the experience so you can be responsible for taking action on having a healthy smile! I’ve never been to a dentist that actually showed me my x-rays... and not only showed me, but went through each one with me to explain what it is they focus on to identify red flags. Dr. Boris had recommendations that nobody had ever even mentioned to me before which would improve my dental wellness as preventative actions to avoid future issues (and large future bills!). He was able to take care of everything in one visit to eliminate me having to come back again a week later, which has been typical at other dentists I have been to. I recommend 100%!!!

    Fernando Harb
    Fernando Harb

    Nobody likes going to the Dentist... but the team at Adavced Dental Wellness Center know how to make it an enjoyable experience!!

    Traditional Vs. Implant-Supported Bridge

    If you're missing teeth due to trauma, gum disease, or untreated cavities, you might find it difficult to eat, speak, and smile confidently. A dental bridge is a custom-made prosthetic that fills the gap in your smile and offers enduring comfort. Wondering what a dental bridge can do for you?

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