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Holistic Dentistry Fort Lauderdale that Cares for Your Whole Body Wellness

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    Focus On Holistic Dentistry

    If you need any holistic dentistry services, visit Advanced Dental Wellness Center General and Cosmetic Dentistry in Fort Lauderdale, FL. This is the best place to get the best holistic dentistry and oral health from highly trained people at Advanced Dental Wellness Center. Experts from this center will help you regain your beautiful smile back.

    Advanced Dental Wellness Center General and Cosmetic Dentistry in Fort Lauderdale, FL, deals with oral care even beyond teeth and gums. They handle the whole body and its role in holistic dentistry health. Holistic dentistry uses the best medicines and when serving patients. They are so many advantages of visiting this dental center if you have any holistic dentistry issue. IAOMT's goal is to care for our patients and offer mercury-free, compassionate oral care. You will also be provided with dental ozone therapy and Invisalign’s clear, chemical, and metal-free braces.

    Services we offer:

    • IAOMT safe mercury-remove protocol (use special equipment to remove old mercury fillings and make it safe for the patient, staff & doctors
    • Laser gum treatment (gum pocket elimination, gum treatment frenectomy and root canal treatment
    • PRP treatment after extraction (promote fast healing and bone regeneration)
    • Ozone dental treament
    • Zicornia Implants (more bio-compatible material especially for people with metal allergies and auto-immune problems)

    To get more about this holistic dentistry in Fort Lauderdale, FL, reach us at (954) 525-5662 for more information.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Holistic Dentistry?

    Holistic dentistry is a dental approach that aims to treat the whole body by focusing on the interrelationships of teeth, gums and jaw muscles. Rather than focusing on treatment alone, holistic dentists aim for optimal dental health through prevention.

    Holistic treatments include herbal remedies, dietary changes and vitamins to improve oral health.

    The goal of holistic dentistry is the restoration of a patient's mouth to optimal health. This includes treatment of all systemic factors that contribute to the overall oral/periodontal condition, including but not limited to; nutrition, stress management, hormonal balance, immune function and psychology.

    Holistic dentists treat the patient as a whole person with multiple health needs- not just as a set of teeth. They work with the patient's entire range of needs, goals and desires to maximize overall health.

    How Holistic Dentistry Works?

    The first step for holistic dentistry is an examination of the patient's medical records, which are then compared to what diagnostic techniques used in mainstream dental care. Notations are made as to which diseases and conditions the patient has that should be brought to light. When all patients go through this process it allows the dentist to note any strong links between diseases commonly found together or influencing one another.

    Patients who seek out holistic dentistry tend to have past issues with traditional dental care resulting in infections, trauma, disease or other injuries. This process will allow the holistic dentist to gain insight on the root cause of healthcare problems so they can provide a solution that gets at the heart of the issue rather than just treating symptoms. Over time this helps improve overall health in the patient.

    There is also a need in holistic dentistry for detailed analysis of x-rays and other diagnostic imagery, which can reveal signs of trauma, infection, disease or developmental problems. Once issues are brought to light the dentist will discuss options for treatment with the patient or client. Each option will be carefully explained so that there is no confusion when it comes time to make decisions on what path should be taken next.

    To create an effective treatment plan the dentist must have full perspective of each problem that exists in order to design a plan that addresses them all at once while avoiding conflicts between various treatments being used simultaneously. This process makes it possible to not just gain control over one issue but also take steps towards preventing future complications from arising after treatment has ended.

    When all treatment plans have been mapped out the next step is to provide the patient with lab-made natural dental implants and materials, through a combination of dental implants and bone grafts. This process ensures that holistic dentists can provide the best care to their patients by going straight to the source.

    Why Holistic Dentistry Is Better?

    Here are 5 reasons why:

    1) Holistic dentists will never use silver amalgam filling material

    Unlike most other dentists, holistic practitioners won't ever use mercury amalgam fillings in teeth - not even if they have an allergy! Mercury has been shown to be toxic by the EPA and some countries have already banned it from being used in humans. [insert image of some old dude with some good looking teeth] Once a mercury filling falls out or needs to be replaced, your holistic practitioner might use something like a white filling, which is a biocompatible bio-resin that's not known to cause any side effects. It's bonded directly onto the teeth and has a much lower risk of falling off or cracking because it almost matches the color of teeth. Your holistic dentist might even replace those silver amalgams with some nice looking ceramic dental fillings!

    2) Holistic dentistry can solve problems you didn't know were there

    That's right - your holistic practitioner will go through every millimeter of your mouth, from top to bottom, inside and out, working their way around each tooth one by one before they declare you healthy. They'll be checking for signs of oral cancer so this will also serve as an early detection mechanism for something that is almost never diagnosed early. They'll be able to identify and treat problems like cavities, gum disease and bad breath long before they become serious - allowing you to live a longer healthier life by maintaining your teeth for years longer than if found later on after these things had progressed and set in.

    3) Holistic dentistry can prevent oral conditions from ever arising!

    There are a number of holistic dental treatments that work perfectly to prevent plaque, tartar and decay of the teeth, gums and supporting bone structure. Findings also show that some types of sugar do not cause tooth decay or gum disease so this means you could enjoy up to 9 teaspoons of sugar per day without having any concerns about potential problems developing over time. This means you can eat all your favorite candies, sweet treats and desserts to your heart's content. There are even some holistic dental treatments that can be used alongside traditional dental treatments to improve their effectiveness!

    4) Holistic dentistry can save you money

    Holistic dental treatments are known to be better for the environment and your bank account. They'll also teach you how to brush, floss properly and maintain healthy gums.

    5) Holistic dentistry brings peace of mind

    Holistic dentistry is a holistic approach to oral health that focuses on prevention, patient education and overall wellness. That's why you should make an appointment at your local holistic dental clinic today!

    Holistic Dentistry Specializing In Making Smiles Beautiful

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