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    Advanced Technology

    Advanced technology can allow less intrusive and more comfortable care. Numerous periodontists combine meticulous techniques and cutting-edge technologies to offer innovative treatments to their patients. Several prominent protocols include the following:

      • Rejuvenation of Chao Pinhole Gum
      • LANAP Laser Therapy
      • Dentistry using lasers
      • Piezosurgery (Piezosurgery)

    These treatments are intended to be as comfortable as possible for the patient and usually involve less or no incisions than conventional gingival care approaches. In certain cases, increasing the application of technology will shorten the duration of your operation and reduce the time required for rehabilitation after a periodontal operation.

    “Patients with mild to extreme periodontal disorder, as well as those with more serious cases, will benefit from a collaborative effort between the dentist and periodontist.”


    Typically, Patients Do Not Begin Care of periodontal disease by a periodontist.

    If you are unaware of the periodontal specialty, it's more likely that your dentist has never been required to refer you to one.

    Although certain general dentists are capable of doing scaling and root planning on their own to handle the early stages of gum disease, the majority would refer you to a periodontist with more advanced problems. Periodontists are dental technicians that specialize in difficult situations that the general dentist often lacks the resources or experience to handle.

    Consult a Periodontist If The Gums Need Specialized Care

    Whether you have chronic gum disorder, lost teeth, or are dissatisfied with the appearance of the gums, entrust your treatment to a doctor who has received advanced training. There is no requirement that you be sent to a periodontist. Today, make an appointment with one.

    Periodontists Are Created By Specialized Training involving Gum Health

    While a general dentist can usually send you to a doctor whether you have advanced gum disorder or a complicated medical background, a periodontist will typically treat most cases in-house. Periodontists may conduct both surgical and restorative operations, such as gum lifts and bone grafting.

    Along with conventional instruments such as probes, periodontists often employ sophisticated imaging technologies and state-of-the-art care equipment such as dental lasers to ensure patient satisfaction during procedures.

    Periodontists are capable of doing a variety of different forms of gum surgery to address both aesthetic and health-related problems. Periodontists may also repair damaged teeth with dental implants in people that have lost a tooth due to gum disease.


    Periodontists also received specialized training in the care of gum tissue and supporting tissues. These experts are capable of performing surgical gum procedures, implant placement, and aesthetic problems such as a gummy smile correction.

    Periodontists in Ft. Lauderdale

    Periodontists are specially trained to provide treatments that deal with gum tissue and supporting structures. These specialists can perform surgical gum treatments, place dental implants, and correct cosmetic concerns like a gummy smile.

    When do I need to see a periodontist?

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