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    Get Your Beautiful Smile

    Everyone desires a beautiful smile. But unfortunately, discoloration and chips can come in the way of this. Thankfully, these can be corrected with some treatments. Whether you want to whiten your teeth or fix broken parts of your teeth, know that it is possible to transform your smile completely.

    Now, there are various treatments that one can consider. However, because a smile makeover is personal, ensure that you choose the solution that will help you achieve your goals.

    If you want to improve your smile, we can help you with this. We offer different treatments for smile improvements, and we have professionals who’ve been trained for it.

    How Much Will My Treatment Cost?

    Well, this will depend on the type of treatment and how often it can be done. For instance, those who want teeth whitening combined with dental bonding can pay as little as $650. However, other treatments can cost thousands of dollars.

    You should also note that cosmetic procedures aren’t covered by dental insurance plans. But, for people whose treatment also involves a restorative purpose, may get some coverage. For example, along with making a tooth look better, dental crowns also provide it with more support after treatments like a root canal.

    What Other Factors Are There?

    Apart from how complex a person’s case is, several other factors also affect how much they end up paying. These include;

    Your Method of Sedation: dentists usually inject patients with local anesthesia during cosmetic alterations to reduce discomfort. But for anxious individuals, your orthodontist can provide sedation. In such a case, you’ll end up paying more.

    The Dentist's Experience Level: dentists with more experience tend to charge more than those who are starting their career. Sure, working with a new dentist can save one some money. But, you’re not guaranteed satisfaction. An experienced practitioner has probably handled other cases similar to yours. So, while he/she may be expensive, you can expect the outcome to meet your needs.

    Technology Used- if your dentist uses advanced imaging during the treatment, for instance, a software tool designed for a virtual smile or digital impressions, your treatment will be more expensive. Traditional techniques are cheaper but may not give the best results compared to advanced methods of treatment.

    Tips to Covering out of Pocket Costs

    We recommend using credit cards as they are the most convenient way of covering your dental care. However, one can also consider flexible financing, which is simply a third party paying for your treatment. This has several advantages, like low or no interest for a limited period and low payments. You can also consider taking a personal loan if it is economical in your case.

    Is a Cosmetic Procedure Really Worth It?

    There’s nothing that can boost your confidence more than your smile. Some benefits of improving your smile include;

    Requires Minimal Upkeep- a smile makeover has long-lasting effects and only needs simple check-ups. But, you’ll also have to adapt to an effective dental hygiene routine.

    Betters Your Appearance- you’d be surprised at how much confidence a beautiful smile can give you. It complements your other features, making one look beautiful and younger. Cosmetic procedures help correct blemishes and imperfections, leaving you with a beautiful smile.

    Reduces Stress- teeth discoloration or chips, no matter how small, can be stressful. But, with these corrective procedures, you’ll be happy with your appearance hence you will smile more. And research links smiling to reduced stress levels.

    Final Thoughts

    If dental imperfections are lowering your self-confidence, don’t worry, as they are fixable. We have different treatments that will help beautify your smile. Call us today, and we will set an appointment for you with one of our cosmetic dentists.

    We Understand That This Is A Big Decision...

    but what are you waiting for? A smile you can take confidence in get started today!

    Unlike a full mouth reconstruction, a smile makeover is specifically designed to deliver a brighter, flashier, and more attractive smile.Some patients achieve their goals in two or three treatments, while others require additional appointments spread out over a longer period of time. How you achieve the smile you desire is completely up to your time, budget, and goals.

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