Zirconia Implants

Zirconia Implants have a number of benefits:

  • They look and function just like natural teeth
  • The material is durable and non-metal
  • It is a non-corrosive material
  • Zirconia fuses to the jawbone, keeping it strong
  • The implants can be cared for like natural teeth
  • They enable patients to smile, talk and eat better by filling the gap from a missing tooth

Zirconia implants offer all of the advantages of titanium implants, without the metal. Our dental implants are an effective, safe way to restore missing teeth.

If you want to replace missing teeth with dental implants, but do not want metal in your mouth, you can consider Zirconia implants instead. Zirconia implants are excellent alternative to titanium. Before you make a decision, here are some facts about Zirconia implants.

What is a Zirconia ceramic dental implant?

M.H. Klaproth, a German chemist, first discovered Zirconia in 1789, and it was rediscovered in recent decades because of the unique properties it posseses. Zirconia has great strength and is a very hard meterial. Because it is so biocompatible, it is frequently used in medicine for auditory, hip and finger prostheses and in dentistry for implant abutments, implants, posts, crowns, and dental bridges. The Zirconia is biocompatible and is similar to natural teeth, which make it a very popular alternative dental material. The FDA approved Zirconia dental implants in 2007. This type of implant has been used primarily in Europe and is increasing popularity in the US.

Zirconia implants’ reported advantages:

  • Medicine has used Zirconia implants, chiefly for prosthetic joints, for more than 20 years with 98% success rate. (*global complain t analysis, survival rates of SLM implants since product launch 03/2011)
  • Zirconia is entirely tissue friendly (biocompatible) so there are no reports of allergic reactions, temperature sensitivity, or effect on taste.
  • The material is friendly to gum tissue with minimal inflammation and plaque build-up.
  • Since Zirconia is similar to the color of natural teeth, it is more aesthetically pleasing than titanium.
  • Gum tissue shrinkage rarely occurs, but if it does, there will not be a gray line at the base of the tooth. However, similar beautiful results can be achieved using titanium implant in conjunction with Zirconia crowns and abutments.

Please let us know if you want more information about dental abutments made of ceramic to determine if that is the right option for you.