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Zirconia Implants Fort Lauderdale

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    What Is A Zirconia Implant?

    Zirconia was found in 1789 by M.H. Klaproth, a German chemist, and has been rediscovered in recent decades due to its unusual properties. Zirconia is a very strong and hard stone. It is commonly used in medicine for auditory, shoulder, and finger prostheses. However, it can also be found in implant abutments, crowns, and dental bridges due to its biocompatibility. Due to its biocompatibility and resemblance to natural teeth, zirconia is a highly common substitute dental material. Zirconia dental implants were authorised by the FDA in 2007. This form of implant has been mainly used in Europe but is gaining interest in the United States.

    If you want to substitute lost teeth with dental implants but do not wish to get metal in your mouth, you will wish to have zirconia implants. Zirconia implants are an ideal substitute for titanium implants. Before you decide, consider the following information about zirconia implants.

    What Are The Benefits of Zirconia Implants:

    For over two decades, medicine has utilized Zirconia devices, mostly for prosthetic limbs, with a 98 percent effectiveness record. (*Global complaint review, SLM implant survival rates after device launch in March 2011)

    Due to the fact that zirconia is fully tissued safe (biocompatible), there have been no cases of allergic reactions, temperature irritation, or taste alteration.

    The polymer is gentle on gum tissue and causes no irritation or plaque buildup.

    Since zirconia is more closely related to the color of real teeth than titanium, it is more aesthetically appealing.

    Gum tissue shrinkage happens infrequently, but when it does, there would be no grey line at the tooth's root. However, comparable stunning findings can be obtained by combining titanium implants with zirconia crowns and abutments.

    Kindly notify us if you need additional details regarding ceramic dental abutments in order to decide if this is the best choice for you.

    What Are The Advantages of Zirconia Implants?

    Zirconia Implants Have Some Advantages:

      • They appear and work identically to natural teeth.
      • The composite is resistant to corrosion and is non-metallic.
      • It is a corrosive-resistant material.
      • Zirconia forms a close bond with the jawbone.
      • Implants should be treated for similarly to real teeth.
      • They improve patients' ability to smile, talk, and eat by replacing the void left by a missing tooth.

    Zirconia implants have many of the characteristics of titanium implants that are made of zirconium oxide. Our dental implants are a very reliable and secure method of replacing damaged teeth.

    Zirconia Ceramic Dental Implant

    If you want to replace missing teeth with dental implants, but do not want metal in your mouth, you can consider Zirconia implants instead. Zirconia implants are excellent alternative to titanium. Before you make a decision, here are some facts about Zirconia implants.


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