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TMJ Treatment

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    Treat Your TMJ Disorder

    Are you experiencing jaw discomfort or hearing clicks when you chew? Dentist Boris Lipovetskiy in Fort Lauderdale offer a comprehensive approach to alleviate your pain and improve jaw function. Unlock the path to a pain-free life — discover our TMJ treatment options a variety of different methods ranging from an orthodontic to restorative dentistry for an affordable price.

    What Is TMJ?

    TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, which is the joint connecting your jaw to the skull. It allows you to open and close your mouth, chew, and speak. TMJ disorders (TMD) can cause pain in your jaw joint and in the muscles that control jaw movement.

    Jaw pain may be due to a combination of factors, such as genetics, arthritis, or injury. Fortunately, TMJ syndrome treatment exists and our dentists have helped many patients alleviate symptoms. Some people who have jaw pain also tend to clench or grind their teeth (bruxism), although many people habitually clench or grind their teeth and never develop TMJ disorders.


    What Are the Symptoms of TMJ?

    Temporomandibular joint dysfunction has a range of symptoms including:

    • Jaw pain
    • Pain in the temporomandibular joint
    • Pain around the ear
    • Difficulty chewing 
    • Pain while chewing
    • Facial pain
    • Headaches
    • Lockjaw
    • Difficulty opening and closing your jaw

    If you have ongoing jaw pain and are struggling to open your jaw properly, then you should seek immediate treatment for TMJ dysfunction. You do not have to continue to suffer from this condition - especially, with Advanced Dental Wellness Center’s competitive pricing.

    What Causes TMJ?

    The exact causes of TMJ are not known. It can occur for a variety of reasons including:

    • Genetics
    • Bruxism
    • Poor posture
    • Arthritis
    • Jaw injury
    • Misaligned jaw
    • Connective tissue diseases

    Due to the wide number of causes of temporomandibular joint dysfunction identifying the correct underlying issue can be difficult. Luckily most TMJ cases respond well to standard TMJ treatment protocols.

    Is TMJ Serious?

    TMJ is not a life-threatening condition. However, it can severely negatively impact your life. Dentistry TMJ can cause excruciating jaw and ear pain and lead to chronic headaches. If left untreated, your temporomandibular joint dysfunction can get worse leading to difficulties opening your jaw and chewing.

    If you are experiencing any discomfort due to TMJ, you should seek a solution. There is no reason to deal with chronic pain that can be alleviated through cost effective, non-invasive, and quick treatments.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How To Avoid TMJ?

    TMJ is often genetic but there are a number of things you can do to prevent suffering from this nasty dysfunction including:

    • Maintaining good posture when sitting, standing, and sleeping
    • Avoid chewing gum
    • Jaw massage
    • Decrease stress
    • Breath through your nose

    If you already have TMJ, the above methods may help improve your condition. However, read below to learn about permanent treatments.

    How Do You Treat TMJ?

    A common way to treat TMJ is via an oral device similar to a mouth guard. This device prevents you from grinding your teeth and also prevents your back from touching which forces your jaw muscles to relax. This is a very cost-effective way to treat TMJ and it has zero side effects. You simply pop the oral device into your mouth before bed and then remove it when you wake up in the morning. An oral device has been proven to substantially decrease jaw pain and loosen the jaw of people suffering from TMJ.

    If you suffer from teeth TMJ contact Advanced Dental Wellness Center and our experienced dentists will find a long-term solution to your jaw pain. We can create a custom-fit oral device for you in just a few weeks or and help you find a cure for TMJ and bruxism!


    Dora Salazar
    Dora Salazar

    This place is wonderful. All the staff members are very friendly. As a professional in the field of alternative health, it was very important for me to find a dentist that was in alignment with my holistic philosophy. I did a lot of research and decided for this place. I has exceeded my expectations. My teeth are coming back to life, and a happy smile is priceless.

    Highly recommend this business.

    Tom de Manincor
    Tom de Manincor

    Doc Boris knows his stuff. I've spent the past 5 years avoiding doctors and medicine as much as possible. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Dr. Boris recently and he was well versed on the current natural treatments for dentistry and has some cool tech to go along with it. He's been helping me correct a TMJ and bite issue without any prescription drugs or invasive/reconstructive treatments.

    Lucia Ballesteros
    Lucia Ballesteros

    Love the staff friendly! Doctor very professional and the office vey clean !

    Mike's Mustang Barn
    Mike's Mustang Barn

    Dr. Boris Lipovetskiy is the best holistic dentist in Florida and SE USA. They practice safe Mercury removal. Also Natalie is the best dental hygienist I have experienced.

    Very thorough, gentle and relaxing.

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