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Mercury Amalgam Filling Removal

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    Our team of experienced professionals specializes in the removal of mercury amalgam fillings using the safest and most advanced techniques endorsed by the IAOMT. We understand the importance of not only treating dental issues but also enhancing your overall well-being. Embrace a healthier smile with our state-of-the-art, mercury-free solutions tailored to meet your individual needs and preferences.

    What Is Dental Amalgam?

    Dental amalgam is a metallic filling material composed of mercury, silver, tin, and copper. It has been widely used for its strength and durability over decades. Easily identifiable by its silver-gray color and metallic sheen, dental amalgam was once a popular choice in dentistry. However, due to concerns about mercury's toxicity and the material's lack of aesthetic appeal, it is increasingly being phased out in modern dental practices.

    It is estimated over 100 million Americans have fillings made from dental amalgam. Amalgam is 50% mercury. In recent years there has been a shift towards mercury-free dental fillings because of concerns over amalgam’s safety and improvements in technology. Ceramic and composite fillings are becoming increasingly popular as they are toxic-free and have an aesthetic appearance.

    Dental mercury amalgam in molars
    Are Mercury Fillings Dangerous?

    Mercury fillings have raised health concerns due to the potential leakage of mercury vapor. This vapor can contribute to increased levels of mercury in the blood, brain, and urine, potentially leading to negative health outcomes. Although the quantity of mercury released from these fillings is relatively small, its highly toxic nature is a significant concern. Given the risks associated with long-term exposure to mercury, even in small amounts, the presence of these fillings in the mouth is increasingly viewed as undesirable.

    What Are Mercury Free Fillings?

    Mercury-Free Fillings are modern dental materials used as an alternative to amalgam and do not contain mercury.

    Composite fillings are made of resin reinforced with fiberglass. They look natural and discreet (the dentist matches them to the color of the patient's tooth). Composite fillings bond strongly with the tooth structure and restore its original shape.

    Ceramic fillings are high-aesthetic fillings made from hard and durable porcelain ceramics. They are distinguished by their excellent aesthetic qualities, high resistance to wear, and minimal shrinkage upon setting. Ceramic fillings like inlays or onlays, are used to restore large tooth defects.

    Colored teeth fillings

    Why Choose Mercury-Free Fillings?

    • Health Safety

      Unlike dental amalgam, which contain mercury, composite fillings are free from this toxic element. Mercury can potentially pose health risks, particularly for pregnant women, children, and those with certain health conditions.

    • Aesthetic Appeal

      Composite fillings are tooth-colored and blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, unlike the metallic appearance of amalgam fillings.

    • Preservation of Tooth Structure

      Mercury-free fillings often require less removal of the tooth structure. This is because composite materials bond directly to the tooth.

    • Reduced Sensitivity

      Patients with composite fillings often report less sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures compared to dental amalgam.

    • Durability

      Modern composite materials have significantly improved and can now offer comparable longevity, especially for small to medium-sized fillings.

    Advantages of Mercury Filling Removal at Our Clinic

    • Activated Charcoal for Patients

      We provide activated charcoal to our patients before the procedure to minimize toxin absorption and accelerate recovery.

    • Use of Negative Air Ionizer

      In our clinic, we employ a negative air ionizer to reduce mercury vapors, enhancing the safety of the procedure for everyone involved.

    • Air Vacuum for Protection

      Our unique air vacuum system effectively captures toxic vapors during the removal of fillings, ensuring safety and comfort for the patient.

    Mercury Filling Removal Process

    Step-by-Step Guide to Safe Amalgam Removal:

    1 Initial Consultation and Evaluation

    Comprehensive dental health assessment. Discussion of medical history, mercury exposure symptoms, and oral health goals.

    2 Preparation and Safety Measures

    Isolation of teeth with a rubber dam to prevent ingestion of particles. Provision of alternative air sources to avoid inhaling mercury vapors. High-volume air filtration systems to remove mercury vapor and particulates.

    3 The Removal Procedure

    Skilled dentists use specialized techniques for gentle, effective amalgam removal. Implementation of 'chunking' method to minimize mercury vapor and particle release.

    4 Aftercare and Support

    Detailed post-removal care instructions. Guidance on mercury-free filling options like composite resins or ceramics.

    Commitment to Your Safety

    Dr.-B.-Lipovetskiy (1)

    Boris Lipovetskiy

    Dentist with 30 years of experience

    Your safety is priority in our dental office during the mercury filling removal process. We follow the guidelines recommended by holistic dental associations for safe amalgam removal, ensuring that both you and our staff are protected throughout the procedure. Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to safely manage and dispose of mercury waste, reflecting our commitment to patient health and environmental responsibility.

    Cost of Amalgam Filling Removal

    The cost for amalgam filling removal varies for each individual and can be precisely determined only after a personal consultation with our dentist. This assessment will provide you with a detailed and personalized cost estimate.

    Type Price
    Mercury filling removal

    (include composite filling install)
    started at $375

    Patient Testimonials

    Lesner Castillo
    Lesner Castillo

    Great great great dental center!! Dr. Boris is the best. All the staff are amazing.

    Sue Exum
    Sue Exum

    From Debra at the front desk giving driving directions, to Elizabeth coming outside to find us and personally walked us to the office (we got lost). To the amazing Dr. Lipovetskiy, they are an amazing staff. Could not find a more awesome caring place. Love them all!

    elizaveta Shaposhnikova
    elizaveta Shaposhnikova

    Great service! Individual approach to each patient.Highly recommended!

    Q & A

    Amalgams release a small amount of mercury vapor, but even this is sufficient to negatively impact organs and tissues. Pregnant women, children, and people with chronic illnesses are particularly vulnerable. Therefore, we recommend replacing amalgams with mercury-free fillings.

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    If you need the removal of an old mercury filling or would like to hear more about the advantages of mercury-free dentistry, please visit our office online or dial (954) 525-5662.

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