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Mercury Free Dentistry

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    Protect Your Overall Health

    As an IAOMT affiliate, we are committed to our patient's well-being and have mercury-free, compassionate dental treatment. Additionally, we sell ozone dental therapy and Invisalign's clean, chemical-free, and metal-free braces.

    Whenever practicable, we utilize biocompatible dental products in conjunction with cutting-edge technologies and 29 years of dental practice. Our metal-free, biocompatible Zirconia implants are hygienic, aesthetically pleasing, and tissue safe.

    We are a health-conscious dental practice with a spa-like experience that provides an all-natural way to unwind during your dental appointment.

    What Goes into Dental Fillings?

    The majority of people have no idea what goes into a dental filling. Historically, dentists almost always used dental amalgam for fillings; amalgam is a mixture of liquid mercury and a substance composed of silver, tin, and copper. Amalgam is composed of 50% mercury by weight. Mercury, on the other hand, is a poisonous substance; its vapors are dangerous when inhaled.

    Dr. Lipovetskiy seldom uses dental amalgams that use mercury in dental fillings; healthy substitutes are available. He uses a resin material consisting of BPA-free plastic and finely glass to patch and fill up the cavities. These fillings are very flexible and sturdy enough to withstand bite force. Since the composite is tinted to complement your smile, no one will ever know you have a hollow.

    Are you certain that when you need a dental filling, the dentist will not use mercury to fill the cavity? It is one of the ingredients in the dental amalgam used by dentists for several years–but mercury is a toxin. Today, there are better options. Dr. Boris Lipovetskiy of Advanced Dental Wellness Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a mercury-free dentist who has been certified to safely dissolve dental amalgams. Call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lipovetskiy for healthy dental care for your relatives.

    What Is The Risk Of Mercury Contamination In Fillings?

    With customer demand for more sustainable, less harmful items ranging from household cleaners to health, it's unsurprising that mercury-containing dental fillings have gained widespread attention. The FDA has revised its website to state that pregnant women and small children under the age of six could be particularly vulnerable to mercury's "neurotoxic impact." Additionally, whether you are allergic or sensitive to mercury or the metals used in the amalgam, it can result in oral sores or other touch reactions.

    Mercury is a poison. Mercury vapor is emitted, inhaled, and swallowed each time you bite down on an amalgam filling. There is an added danger where an amalgam lining breaks or when it is removed by a surgeon using conventional dentistry techniques. It is particularly dangerous when inhaled vapors are emitted when a bottle is opened or a spill happens.

    Is There A Safe Method For Removing My Amalgam Fillings?

    Dr. Lipovetskiy is an International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology member. He follows the organization's prescribed guidelines for safely removing mercury from fillings. Suctioning and filtration systems, as well as other precautions, secure patients and dental workers while still keeping amalgam out of public wastewater.

    Boris Lipovetskiy, DMD, is delighted to give patients in Fort Lauderdale mercury-free dentistry and mercury-safe removal methods. Contact our office to schedule a comprehensive dental assessment to guarantee your overall dental wellbeing.

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    If you need the removal of an old mercury filling or would like to hear more about the advantages of mercury-free dentistry, please visit our office online or dial (954) 525-5662.

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