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    Mercury Free Fillings and Removal of Amalgam Fillings

    Do you have mercury fillings and want them removed for an affordable price? Then meet dentist mercury free Dr. Lipovetskiy, who is an International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology member and has years of experience safely removing mercury fillings!

    Advanced Dental Wellness Center also specializes in biocompatible and metal-free fillings. Our composite and ceramic fillings create an incredible natural look while protecting your teeth' health. We are industry leaders in mercury free dentistry and are always looking for safe and low cost solutions for our patients.

    Do Fillings Contain Mercury?

    It is estimated over 100 million Americans have fillings made from dental amalgam. Amalgam is 50% mercury. In recent years there has been a shift towards mercury-free dental fillings because of concerns over amalgam’s safety and improvements in technology. Cermani and composite fillings are becoming increasingly popular as they are toxic-free and give a great aesthetic look.


    Are Mercury Fillings Dangerous?

    Mercury fillings can be dangerous as they leak mercury via vapor. This vapor can lead to an increase of mercury in your blood, brain, and urine resulting in negative health outcomes. Fortunately, the amount of mercury that leaks from fillings is very small but is still incredibly toxic, and it is not wise to have it in your mouth.

    What Are Composite Fillings?

    Composite fillings are biocompatible and metal-free fillings made from resin and glass. These fillings harden within seconds, can be repaired, and are tooth colored. 

    Composite fillings are a safe and aesthetic alternative to composite fillings. Book a consultation today, and our mercury free dentists will explain all of the benefits of composite fillings and examine your teeth to see if they are suitable for you.


    What Are Ceramic Fillings?

    Ceramic fillings are made from 100% natural materials, contain zero metal, and are toxic-free. They last for 15 years or longer and produce a lovely natural look. The only downside to ceramic fillings is their high cost.

    Can You Get Mercury Fillings Removed?

    You can get your mercury fillings removed, but you need to attend a mercury safe dentist. Dr. Lipovetskiy is an International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology member and an expert at removing mercury fillings safely. He has almost 30 years of experience in successfully removing mercury fillings from hundreds of patients at a reasonable cost.

    If you want your mercury fillings removed or want them replaced with ceramic or composite fillings for a great price, contact Advanced Dental Wellness Center, an industry-leading mercury free dental practice, and book your appointment today!


    Lesner Castillo
    Lesner Castillo

    Great great great dental center!! Dr. Boris is the best. All the staff are amazing.

    Sue Exum
    Sue Exum

    From Debra at the front desk giving driving directions, to Elizabeth coming outside to find us and personally walked us to the office (we got lost). To the amazing Dr. Lipovetskiy, they are an amazing staff. Could not find a more awesome caring place. Love them all!

    elizaveta Shaposhnikova
    elizaveta Shaposhnikova

    Great service! Individual approach to each patient.Highly recommended!

    Mercury Free Dentistry -- Make An Appointment Today

    If you need the removal of an old mercury filling or would like to hear more about the advantages of mercury-free dentistry, please visit our office online or dial (954) 525-5662.

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