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All You Need To Know About Holistic Dentistry

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Holistic dentistry refers to the science or art of healing that factors in an individual’s physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being when determining the underlying cause and treatment for an oral condition. The holistic approach firmly believes that there is a direct connection between oral health and overall body health. Unlike a traditional dentist, a holistic dentist will not only focus on the health of your teeth and gums but will also consider the long-term effects of the treatment on your body.

Holistic dentistry advocates the use of non-toxic and restorative materials when treating dental ailments. Holistic dentists avoid treatments that involve the use of mercury fillings, fluoride treatments, and root canals since they are known to have long-term adverse effects on the body. Read on to find out why the holistic approach to dentistry is fast gaining popularity.

Holistic Dentistry Offers Personalized Treatment

When recommending treatment plans, traditional dentists solely focus on curing the symptoms of an oral condition, hence, it is a one-size-fits-all kind of treatment. Your treatment plan is the same as the next patient who has similar symptoms. However, in holistic dentistry, the dentist focuses on treating you as a whole person.

In addition to recommending safe conventional treatments for your symptoms, the holistic dentist goes further and looks at ways you can improve your overall health to avoid the recurrence of the symptoms. This means that the treatment plan recommended to you will be specially tailored for you.

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Holistic Dentistry Recommends the Use of Safe and Bio-Compatible Dental Treatment Materials

Most traditional dentists don’t consider the long-term effects of dental treatments on the body system. Medical research has found that mercury fillings and metals implanted in the oral cavity contain toxic elements which eventually find their way into the body system causing severe health conditions. Holistic dentistry recommends the use of ceramic and composite fillings, which are bio-compatible.

Even though fluoride is beneficial to our teeth, excess fluoride in the body has been found to cause numerous severe health conditions including brain damage. Holistic dentistry avoids the use of fluoride completely, but if necessary, it recommends that only a safe amount should be administered.

Holistic Dentistry Utilizes Ozone Therapy

Also referred to as Oxygen therapy, ozone therapy is an alternative form of medicine that improves the body’s intake and utilization of oxygen and also activates the immune system. Holistic dentists utilize this ozone therapy to disinfect areas that require treatment, therefore, minimizing the need for taking pharmaceutical drugs.

Holistic Dentistry Avoids the Use of Traditional X-rays

Holistic dentists make use of digital X-rays instead of traditional X-rays. Digital X-rays emit 80% less radiation than conventional X-rays, which is a significant difference. Exposure to high amounts of radiation has been linked to cancer and other conditions such as hair loss, vomiting, skin conditions, and bleeding, just to name a few. Digital X-rays are also safer for the environment.

Holistic dentistry is definitely revolutionizing dental practice. Not only is it aimed at improving one’s oral health but plays a role in maintaining and enhancing your overall body health. After learning everything you need to know about the holistic approach to dentistry, it is your choice to determine if it is the right type of dental treatment for you.