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    Why Whole Body Health Matters

    Oral health has a considerable amount of impact on your general health. Things like the kinds of food you take and just how hygienic you are when it comes to your mouth are quite essential.

    Just because your teeth are white doesn't mean that you are free of bacteria. Boosting your immune system by eating healthy and rinsing your teeth off after every meal could save you from bacteria cause ailments.

    What to do

    There are two things you can do to make sure that you are safe from diseases that may result from oral problems:

    • Practicing dental hygiene daily
    • Visiting your dentist for a checkup after given intervals

    Your gums may also be affected if you neglect your dental. This leads to a buildup of bacteria that brings about a periodontal disease that may affect your whole body.

    More Proof

    According to research, there's a correlation between oral health and some of the diseases that affect your body system. This is attributed to bacteria affecting the blood system passing through the mouth. Some of the bacteria may cause inflammations, and the fact that they go all the way to the blood systems means they can reach all parts of the body.

    What Oral Services Does Willamette Dental Group Providers Offer?

    We make sure to check your teeth and gums for any risks associated with the kind of food you eat or even smoking habits. This is to help us offer a dental care plan that is targeted and more personalized, whether at home or at the workplace.
    Besides, we make sure to screen our patients for oral cancer, blood pressure and counsel tobacco users who desire to quit.

    Learn More About Whole Body Health

    Call us today for an appointment and learn more about whole body health and it's benefits to your oral health.

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