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    Your Guide to Fixing Bad Breath (Halitosis) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!

    Are you wondering how to get rid of bad breath? Then you may be suffering from a range of oral health problems. Our experienced dentists can quickly get to the root cause of your bad breath and come up with an effective halitosis treatment. At our clinic, we pride ourselves on our diagnostic skills and offer a number of bad breath treatments for an affordable price.

    What Is Halitosis?

    Halitosis is an oral health condition where the main symptom is bad breath. This is an extremely common condition and affects as many as 31% of people across the world. Luckily, halitosis can usually be cured with low cost and non-invasive treatments.

    If you are suffering from chronic bad breath, then you should book an appointment at our clinic. Bad breath can be a sign of more serious oral health problems that need to be treated right away.


    Why Does Halitosis Occur?

    Halitosis can be caused by certain foods and drinks such as coffee and alcohol or smoking and is caused by bacteria being present on your teeth and tongue. Bad breath is often the result of poor oral hygiene, such as not brushing your teeth frequently or not cleaning your tongue or poor breathing habits.

    Halitosis may also be a symptom of serious oral health problems such as gum diseases and tooth decay. Bad breath is a symptom of gingivitis and periodontitis.

    bad breath

    How Do You Treat Bad Breath?

    In most cases, cures for bad breath are very simple and can be performed at home. Here are some common treating halitosis tips:

    1. Brush your teeth twice a day and immediately after meals - Bad breath is usually caused by bacteria getting stuck to your teeth and tongue. You can quickly remove this bacteria by regularly cleaning your teeth.
    2. Avoid smoking tobacco and other tobacco-related products such as dip
    3. Use a mouthwash before you go to bed - A mouthwash can neutralize bacteria in your mouth and prevent it from sticking to your teeth throughout the night.
    4. Drink lots of water - Having a dry mouth can lead to bad breath. By staying hydrated, you can decrease your chances of suffering halitosis.

    If you have tried all of the above methods and you still are suffering from bad breath, then you may have gum disease or tooth decay. Book an appointment with your dentist, receive a deep professional clean, and find out if you have any oral health issues.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Halitosis Treatments Painful?

    Common bad breath treatments are completely painless and can be performed at home. In most cases, you can cure your bad breath by cleaning your teeth more frequently, using mouthwash, and scrubbing your tongue.

    If your bad breath is caused by certain oral health issues such as tooth decay or gum disease, then the treatment may be painful, especially if you need gum or teeth removed. But don’t worry, you won’t feel anything during the procedure as you will receive a local anesthetic, but in the days following the surgery, you may experience some mild pain.

    How Much Does It Cost to Treat Bad Breath?

    Bad breath often responds positively to free at-home treatments. However, if you require oral procedures to fix your bad breath, the price can vary significantly based on the treatment you require. Gum graft procedures cost between $600 and $1200, having a tooth removed costs between $100 and $200, and having a cavity fixed costs between $50 and $250.

    Treat Your Bad Breath (Halitosis) in Ft Lauderdale!

    We have helped so many patients permanently solve their bad breath for a reasonable price. Our dentists will give your teeth a deep clean and remove all bacteria from your mouth. They will also closely inspect your teeth and identify any causes of bad breath, such as cavities, tooth decay, or gum disease and then recommend the best treatment option. 

    You no longer have to feel embarrassed about your bad breath. We are ready to help you get your pleasant and refreshing breath back today! Simply book your consultation at our dental clinic, and our experienced dentists will come up with the best cost effective remedy plan, so you get permanent results!


    Judith Thompson
    Judith Thompson

    Dr. Boris is....Conscientious. Thoughtful. Thorough. Truly caring about saving teeth instead of just drilling away. He stands out as an exceptional dentist that does an excellent job. As a person that has seen numerous dentists that have done poor work, his work is head and shoulders above the rest. He explains everything that he's doing so you're never in the dark about what's happening in your mouth. His staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I had some deep work done and it was the smoothest work I've ever had done. He worked quickly and we finished up without a hitch. He was very aware of the holistic nature of dentistry and how much oral health affects the rest of the body. I felt calm the whole time through his work. I highly recommend this office for anyone looking for a biological dentist that knows his stuff! Thanks Dr. BORIS AND STAFF!!!

    Paul Fabre
    Paul Fabre

    From the first day Dr Boris and his staff (Brooke, Natalie and Yesenia ) where all amazing. Always welcoming and positive they are always on time and highly flexible !!! It is really difficult to find great service nowadays !!

    I highly recommend it.

    Sally Farag
    Sally Farag

    I went to 2 dentists that didn’t do anything and then I finally got to Dr. Lipovetskiy and he literally saved me!! I’ve been suffering from chronic constant pain for about a week in the right side of my mouth and I couldn’t function in any way. The doctor and his amazing and kind team really helped me. Thank you!!