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Gingivectomy in Fort Lauderdale

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    Focus On Gingivectomy

    At our Ft Lauderdale offce, we will give you an anesthesia injection at the target area. This is to ensure you don't feel pain during the procedure. Also, there is an option for sedation if anxiety kicks in.

    The affected tissue will then be removed using a scale of the laser. Thereafter, healthy tissues will be placed in the area held by sutures. Healing should be expected a few weeks after the procedure. However, you need to brush your teeth with care during the healing period to avoid any disturbance.

    Types of treatment

    There are both surgical and non-surgical treatment options. If the disease has not responded to planning, scaling or the use of antibiotics, a surgical procedure may be the desired option to treat the periodontal pockets. The procedure is called a gingivectomy.

    After Treatment

    Once the new tissues have healed, it's important to observe dental hygiene to avoid the repeat of the same.

    • .Brush your teeth after every meal
    • Floss properly
    • Visit your dentist at least twice a year.

    Cost Of Gingivectomy

    The procedure goes for around $200 to $400 for every tooth. The good news is, the cost may be lower if you have insurance. The plan helps to cater for part of your treatment, making it quite affordable. It's also a good thing as it hinders you from undergoing dentures or tooth implants which may be expensive. It is also quite painless given the technological advancement that has changed the way things are done in the medical industry.

    Gum disease has affected more than half of the American citizens going to a 2012 study by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. The bacteria present in our mouth as a result of foods we consume and poor dental hygiene may lead to the development of "plaque" around the teeth. If not properly cleaned, it may become difficult to remove the plaque leading to the development of dire dental problems. You may have bleeding teeth or lose your teeth if treatment is not sought early enough. Treatment ranges from antibiotics to surgical procedures called a gingivectomy.

    Visit us today to ensure that your teeth are in perfect shape.

    What Are My Other Options?

    Advanced gum disease causes loose tissue around the teeth. Eventually, nonsurgical treatments may not work, and the risk of tooth loss increases. Gingivectomy, the removal of diseased gum tissue, can restore your oral health and protect your teeth. Why should you consider gingivectomy?

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