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Frenectomy In Fort Lauderdale

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    Should Surgical Intervention Be Considered As A Viable Course Of Action?

    The idea of surgery can scare even the bravest of us- especially if it is your child who is undergoing the procedure. However, a frenectomy is actually very easy and quick. As a matter of fact, most patients only require a topical anesthetic to keep them comfortable during the surgery.

    It's helpful to remember that there are definite benefits to having the surgery as a child. It is a much more straightforward process when the procedure is done at a young age. Early intervention can help prevent the frenum from affecting jaw and dental development.

    During The Actual Appointment

    For the duration of the appointment, the frenectomy will seldom last more than a couple of minutes. The dentist will perform the following:

    • Topical anesthetic may be applied to the region of the frenum and tissue nearby in order to numb them.
    • Clip or remove the frenum with shears, laser, or scalpel.


    If your frenum is too large, it can cause gaps in your teeth and tongue-tie. A frenectomy surgery can be performed to clip the tissue for a better speech or to relieve discomfort in both adults and children. Does this make sense? Of course it does!

    A Variety of Benefits to Speech And Oral Health

    Decreasing mouth discomfort: To relieve excessive tension, clipping the frenum connecting your upper or lower lip to the gums can be extremely beneficial.

    Repositioning the bite: Your dentist can make your teeth straighter by removing the thick connective tissue.

    Strengthen oral communication and invigorate your appetite: Cutting the frenum can help people learn to talk and eat. The procedure also prevents the palate from expanding, which could hinder normal growth patterns.

    To Remove The Frenum, Or Not To Remove The Frenum

    You cannot attain the same specific outcome as you can through a frenectomy. Orthodontics is typically the best treatment for mild cases of overly large labial frenums. However, braces are not a good option for all cases. It's a question of undergoing surgery or not. It's as simple as that.

    Frenectomy is a low-cost solution for a long-term issue. If you want to know more about the surgery, reach out and schedule a time with us.


    If it is too large, the attachment between lips and gums or beneath the tongue, known as the frenum, can cause gapped teeth or tongue-tie. During the treatment, a frenectomy surgery specialist can clip this tissue to ease discomfort and even improve speech for children or adults. Sound helpful? That’s because it is.

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