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    Should I Be Concerned Over The Mercury In Dental Amalgam?

    A dental amalgam is a form of dental filling consisting of a blend of elemental mercury and a powdered alloy. It is an appealing alternative for dental filling due to its effective result at a relatively inexpensive cost. Many customers, however, are concerned over the safety of the inclusion of mercury in the compound. We are here to assure you that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has established a compilation of evidence to suggest mercury vapor from dental amalgam fillings are generally safe for most people, making it a preferred dental filling for millions of patients worldwide. Many clinical studies in both the adult and pediatric setting have ascertained a poor connection between metal fillings and subsequent health complications.

    However, a patient's concern is a dentist's top priority and if you are skeptical over the usage of mercury in your dental fillings or is specifically allergic to metal, your dentist can prescribe you alternatives for your dental treatments.

    What Are My Expectations During A Cavity Filling Procedure?

    Filling cavities is a minor, outpatient procedure that takes place everyday at any dental establishment. Even though the procedure is considerably small, the insertion of a tooth-coloured dental filling will result in permanent, natural-looking protection for your teeth.

    The procedure is relatively pain-free, quick with an immediate result.

    • Overall treatment time may take less than an hour depending on the location with a minimal recovery period
    • Customizable material for tooth fillings to suit your desired aesthetics and budget are available including amalgam, gold and tooth-colored composite
    • Fillings can prevent further damage to your healthy teeth by halting further decay
    • Enable you to avoid extensive dental procedures such as root canal therapy by slowing down the progression of inner pulp damage if a cavity is left untreated.
    • Recover your confidence with a healthier smile and better functionality of your teeth
    • Provides immediate relief to symptoms of cavities

    What Happens During A Dental Filling Procedure?

    • Imaging will be done to the oral cavity to establish the teeth affected by cavities and to eliminate the need for more extensive intervention such as root canal therapy.
    • A consultation will be done with a licenced dentist from Fort Lauderdale to establish the material of choice for your fillings.
    • During the procedure, you will be given a local anesthetic and your tooth decay will be removed followed by placement of the dental filling in the affected tooth
    • Your bite will be assessed before discharge to ensure appropriate filling placement
    • Recovery time is generally quick, within hours of treatment

    Still Hesitating To Have Your Tooth Filled?

    Dental filling is best for conditions of mild to moderate tooth decay. If you have an extensive decay that affects the cusps of a tooth, you may require a dental inlay or onlay. More extensive damage may require a custom dental crown instead. If dental filling is the treatment for you, you should not delay your appointment as treatment is fast, quick and most importantly can prevent worsening oral health.

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