Oral Appliance Therapy Fort Lauderdale

Sleep apnea and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder are common conditions which have far-reaching implications for your health and comfort.

Customized oral appliance therapy can dramatically improve your symptoms without invasive treatment or awkward, cumbersome equipment.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Oral Appliance Therapy WHAT MAKES IT SO DIFFERENT?

TMJ Disorder Treatment Fort Lauderdale

The Treatment Is Non-Invasive

Oral appliances allow patients to avoid tissue reduction, jaw surgery, and other types of costly, invasive procedures. No recovery period. No downtime.

Oral Appliance Therapy Fort Lauderdale

The Appliances Are Comfortable

CPAP masks are notoriously uncomfortable, not to mention the fact they could scare your sleeping partner right out of bed. In contrast, oral appliances are discreet.

Oral Appliance Therapy Fort Lauderdale

Compliance Is Simple

Jaw exercises and lifestyle changes can be hard to adhere to. Bulky CPAP masks begin collecting dust over time. Oral appliance therapy makes it easy to manage your symptoms.

How common is this treatment?

You’re Not Alone in Your Suffering.

What has the treatment done for other people like me?

Can a Mouthpiece Really ADDRESS THESE PROBLEMS?

The effects of both TMJ disorder and sleep apnea are extremely serious and can even shorten your lifespan.

Realigning the jaw using an oral appliance can open a narrow airway for better sleep. In other cases, it can stop patients from clenching and grinding their teeth.

Why delay getting healthy?


First, visit your dentist to discuss your symptoms. They may refer you to a sleep specialist for further diagnosis.

X-rays, 3-D imaging scans, and sleep testing devices may be used to more accurately evaluate your condition and its effects.

Your dentist will then take impressions of your bite to design a customized oral appliance.

TMJ Disorder Treatment Fort Lauderdale

Wear your appliance while you sleep, as directed. Many patients experience relief after just one night!

Make sure to attend follow-up appointments to ensure you are properly managing your condition.

But will it work for me?


Despite the rate of success, oral appliances are not right for everyone. Most importantly, patients must remember to wear the devices consistently in order to achieve any benefit.

Mild cases of sleep apnea and teeth grinding can often be managed with lifestyle changes, such as weight loss, stress management, and massage. In severe cases, sufferers of both sleep apnea and TMJ disorder may require surgery. Others might find the best outcome by combining oral appliance therapy with CPAP.

If your health could be improved with a visit to your dentist, why wait? Join patients like you who are sleeping more soundly and finding relief from debilitating symptomsSchedule an appointment to learn more.