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3 Key Elements To Building Friendly Dentist-Patient Relationships

Are you one of those people who don’t like seeing a dentist? Well, we are challenging that mindset by presenting you with a spa-like atmosphere when you visit a cosmetic dentist in Fort Lauderdale!

Let’s be honest here, very few people look forward to their next dental appointment, The majority experience some level of dread or even fear about upcoming dental work. I continuously hear the same phrase from many new patients “Nothing personal, but we do not like seeing a dentist” when they come for their first appointment with us.

Well, it is pretty normal if you feel that way. And the reason is simple. Dentistry was not always pain-free. There was a lack of painkillers meaning people had to go through a lot of pain and discomfort in the past. As a result, we still associate our next dental visit with an unpleasant experience.

In this blog article, I will like to list a few facts to reassure you that your appointment with us will feel more like a spa-like atmosphere than a full of anxiety dental treatment.

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A Calm & Judgement-Free Environment Is All Everybody Wants

Stories about the dread of visiting a dentist can put you in stitches! Indeed some people escape from their dental appointment before even booking it. Say for instance, we have this lady who is very conscious about her mouth. She comes in for an introduction meeting with the dentist who is supposed to perform cosmetic surgery for her. All she wants is to make sure he is a caring person who understands her needs.

Here she comes in for an interview with him; she is already overwhelmed with the entire experience. However, the dentist does not hear her. He starts throwing at her tons of complex information spiced up with all the unknown to her terminology. “There’s a need to use image testing to determine the quantity as well as the state of internal bone tissue. This will help us determine where to place autologous bone drafts”” – he says. At that point, the lady is counting seconds in her chair to be out of this clinic and hopefully never come back again.

We understand that an upcoming appointment could be nerve-racking. Therefore, we must show genuine care for our patients. Here, there is a standard procedure our cosmetic dentists follow with all our patients:

  • First, we are focusing on building trust with the patient and understanding his needs and wants. The voice of a dentist should be approachable. Their communication cycle must be exact. They and other staff members should be amicable and welcoming. Despite having many patients and having a busy day, here at ADW Center, we ensure each patient is paid special attention and gets answers to every one of their questions.
  • Secondly, we ensure it is a safe and judgment-free environment. There is no need to question the client why he has not visited a dentist for 10 years. Some phrases such as “ I think I know what’s happening with you. Let me tell you what I have observed so far about your state” could explain to the patient the need to address some issues.
  • After building a connection with a client, we provide technical details in a very gentle manner and educate the client about their case.

Let’s Apply a Gradient

At Advanced Dental Wellness Center, we are not just dental technicians who treat teeth. As holistic dentists, we take a  look at the whole organism as we focus on a person’s wellness first. First, I might ask my clients some very unusual and surprising questions, such as “How do you sleep?”, “Do you wake up at night?”, “Do you go to the bathroom at night?”. It may seem very strange, but patients may see the roots of their problems better by answering these questions.

Once I met the dentist of Western medicine here in Miami. He was pretty healthy, but he suffered from sleeping problems. By looking at his posture and his jaw position, I asked him right away: “How do you sleep, my friend?”.

He was shocked by how fast I uncovered his issue. “How do you know?”, he asked me, still being stunned by my accurate diagnosis.

“Your posture can tell me that you have Sleep Apnea.”

He had seen many professionals, but no one was able to address it for him. We fixed his sleeping problem forever by finding the real cause of it.

Unfortunately, this is a prevalent scenario, people spend tons of money in hopes to treat their problems. Sometimes we have to perform full mouth reconstruction, but as a result, we treat headaches, back pain, breathing difficulties, light-headedness. Once, we had a patient who had to take seven painkillers at once to stop a headache. He had a joint disorder that we addressed forever, along with his headache.

Before the primary treatment, we educate our clients about their case and provide necessary information on a gradient without overwhelming them. We need to make sure that the person understands what is essential for their oral health.

We can start from background information, such as telling them about the influence of dead teeth on a body or the connection between bad teeth and body organs. Our goal is to make sure that our patients are well informed and understand that there is always an underlying health condition under bad teeth.

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apply-a-gradientRed Flags to Watch Out For

  • If the dentist starts giving too many technical details about a particular issue. Most likely, he does not see the whole picture. He might be an expert in one specific field, and he might have specialized in treating that particular problem; however, it may lead to a bigger one over time.
  • He is a young and ambitious dentist who wants to fix everything and fast. Some of them could be great dentists, but lack of experience might not let them see the whole picture.
  • He is a very mature professional with many years of experience. For decades he has been treating patients the way he was taught and trained. However, he is missing out on new innovative methods and approaches because he does not want to change his philosophy.

Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to factors such as education, certificates, and accreditations. A huge plus if the dentist applies a holistic approach in his practices. This means he is not focused just on fixing the tooth, but he can fix sleeping problems, bite problems, and many more.  He sees the big picture, and he will create an ultimate plan to reach your oral health goal.

We Are a Team!

Once trust is built, and the patient is more educated about the issue, we work together on a plan to fix the problem. It is crucial to be on the same page and collaborate with the client. In this way, we become a winning team working together towards achieving a healthy and gorgeous smile.

To sum up, here are successful three phases that we apply here at Advanced Dental Wellness Center to create strong relationships with our clients:

  • We focus on creating trust first through excellent communication and a safe environment.
  • We educate our clients by asking them the right questions and providing useful information.
  • Together we create a plan with the patient that will lead us to achieve his ultimate body wellness goal.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon as our goal is not only to improve your oral health but also to your body’s overall wellbeing. Book an appointment with cosmetic dentist in Fort Lauderdale.

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