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Top 4 Differences You will Notice at Advanced Dental Wellness Centre

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Boris Lipovetskiy, DMD, 31 years experience

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Thank you for visiting the ADW Centre blog. This article will show you how we use cosmetic dentistry in Fort Lauderdale to present our clients with a precious gift – a flawless and life-lasting smile.

Our Specialties

We specialize in the following cosmetic dentistry services by applying the latest technology and innovations:

We Use 3D Modeling for Cosmetic Dentistry Diagnosis

Do you know that even a digital x-ray may not show the oral problems suffering you are suffering from? In my clinic, we make sure that we use highly-advanced technology to provide top-notch care to my patients. Therefore, we use 3D modeling at Advanced Dental Wellness Centre to determine if there is an infection in the tooth bone tissues that a digital x-ray may be unable to show.

Initially, this could be quite unexpected for a patient, but they usually cooperate when they realize where their health problems are coming from.  As a holistic dentist, I explain and demonstrate to my clients that each tooth is connected to a particular body organ through meridians.

For example, if the infected tooth is linked to the lungs or sinuses, it may lead to sinusitis and other body problems. Once the infection is discovered, our team of cosmetic dentists in Fort Lauderdale can perform a complete diagnosis. Together with a patient, we will develop a health plan to help achieve their ultimate well-being. We can discover dead teeth that poison our patients’ lives and replace them with ceramic implants if mandatory.

The majority of people may not know they have a dead tooth. Early treatment to fix a dead tooth is critical. Dead teeth have a significant number of toxic bacteria, and therefore our immune system is forced to spend a lot of our resources to keep up with this infection. If the root canal was already treated in the past and the infection is still there, I do not recommend treating the same tooth again. The best solution is to replace the infected tooth with a ceramic implant. It is crucial to get rid of a dead tooth. This may eventually lead to immune system disorders and general health problems. If this does not happen immediately, it will start happening 10-15 years later.

We Use Innovative PRP Procedure to Ensure Fast Healing for Our Patients

We recommend PRP (platelet-rich plasma) procedure for fast healing after tooth extraction. The whole process is quick and guarantees immediate bone healing. This simple procedure begins with a small blood collection step.

The sample is mixed in a specialized centrifuge machine to get the platelet-rich plasma. Then, the blood samples enriched with immune cells are injected in the surgical area. New tissues start forming at once, allowing us to put implants in a short time.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Sleeping Problems

We specialize in solving the following problems:

  • Breathlessness at night
  • Snoring
  • Teeth Grinding
  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction

We perform initial detailed screening to find out the source of the problem

It may take from 30 minutes to an hour for a dentist to conduct the initial screening. Some may even spend two hours or wait for an assistant to collect all data first. A dentist can even make an appointment three days later in order to study all the data about the patient. This is the right approach.

When I meet my patients, I look at the entire picture: their posture, face, bite, the way they are breathing, and the alignment of the teeth. If their teeth are crooked or they have receding gums. I can see everything – even cavities through the fillings that cover them up.

We discover different types of pathology and stop them from causing major health problems

For example, temporomandibular joint dysfunction creates extra pressure that leads to receding gums, chipped or cracked teeth, and many other problems. This is all linked to symptoms like headaches, back pain, feeling lightheaded, ringing ears, and joints popping.

When there is a lack of proper breathing, the oxygen level falls, and some sad and unbelievable accidents may occur. People who experience sleeping problems have 70% higher chances of getting diabetes, high pressure, heart attack, or stroke. We can easily fix these types of issues and make our patients’ lives much more healthy.

Expertise and Consistent Education

Here at Advanced Dental Wellness Center, we constantly learn and educate ourselves about the best tools and advanced techniques. I completed my first dental degree at one of the top schools in Russia — Perm State Medical University — in 1988. Shortly after graduating, I landed my first job in a prestigious and highly innovative dental clinic in Perm.

I got my second degree in a private American School – Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in 1994, which is considered one of the top 10 schools for dental professionals. I also received additional certifications from the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies as a Neuromuscular and Cosmetic Dentistry specialist.

During my education in Las Vegas, I was taught not just cosmetic dentistry but also successful habits. Funny enough, our professor asked our class to raise hands on a question about who works 3 days a week. My partner and I proudly raised our hands saying we work 6 days a week. The prof smiled and told us that soon we understand that work hard does not mean “work till you drop.” It stands for working efficiently and delivering the best quality service to clients, which means that taking a break is necessary to perform a successful operation and serve clients with full energy.

Furthermore, I continuously attend various seminars and workshops to stay updated with dentistry’s latest trends and successful actions. I consider myself a dentist of modern education – I use the latest technologies in my practices, and I also have extensive work experience based on older education.

When selecting the best tools for my clients, I always try them on me. I know exactly what tools are right for gums, teeth, and overall patient’s health. Constant studying and learning makes me a competent dental expert who can offer his clients the best oral care in Miami.

At Advanced Dental Wellness Center, we strive to be on top of technologically advanced progress by applying the best techniques and latest innovations. We do not use toxic materials in our treatment and follow the most natural approaches in sync with international authorities.