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The Benefits of Ozone Water in Dentistry

Ozone doesn’t always have the best connotation. Most people immediately think of air pollution. However, ozone plays a very important role in our lives. The ozone layer is there to protect us from harmful sun rays, which sometimes cause skin cancer. Ozone has more uses.

Ozone is also used to treat water in purification plants around the world. Ozone is used on fruits and vegetables as well. It is an all-natural sterilizer. In the past few decades, the Western medical community has embraced the use of ozone to help with recovery from injury and disease.

Ozone is strong. It’s one of the strongest agents we can apply to complex micro-organisms. Good thing our human cells are not damaged by low doses of ozone. Ozone is even used in dentistry. A good holistic dentist will use a natural element like ozone to their advantage. In the following, we’ll briefly discuss why we think ozone water is great for local dentistry procedures and the benefits it may bring.

Cavity Reversal

Ozone water has the ability to reduce or even to stop tooth decay, especially on early stages and promote good oral health. It leads to a process that removes bacteria while promoting repair using re-mineralization. It’s a great way to heal the damage to your teeth that cavities have done. Ozone has the ability to stop tooth decay and accelerate the repair process at the same time. This especially applies to early tooth decay.

Additionally, holistic dental dentists have turned to ozone because it is a minimally invasive procedure. It can go beneath the tooth’s surface to the areas that are most affected by early decay. Medical studies found that consistent ozone treatments can reduce the amount of decay over several months. It can easily get through the enamel layer. This can reduce the need for drilling that many patients are wary of.

This is less invasive than teeth bleaching products. A good dentist makes every attempt to heal before reaching the decision to “cut” or make any sort of incision. Ozone works specifically to target acid-making bacteria in addition to acidic waste. This healthier atmosphere promotes healing. With the absence of bacteria, healthy cells regenerate quicker.

Tooth Repair

The repair process involves the flow of minerals back into the tooth, which then reverses the effects of decay. The earlier a cavity is caught, the better chance it has of healing. The decay is often gone for good.

Remember, you should keep your expectations realistic. Ozone water can bring many benefits, but it isn’t going to heal a hole in your tooth. Once a certain amount of decay has occurred, it can become irreversible and drilling is necessary. You should try to consult with an experienced holistic dentist before undergoing any ozone treatment. Call Advanced Dental Wellness Center today.

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