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    Do I Need a Root Canal?

    Contact a dentist immediately if you are experiencing:

    • A toothache
    • Sudden sensitivity to heat and cold
    • Swelling in your gums or face
    • Swollen lymph nodes
    • A sudden but persistent bad taste in your mouth

    With prompt attention, an infected tooth can often be saved with a root canal.

    The only alternative is tooth extraction, which would be excessive in many cases. Meanwhile, extraction alone will eventually result in bone atrophy at the extraction site. This can be prevented with a solution such as a dental implant, but this treatment is far costlier and more complex than a root canal.

    Root Canal

    When decay reaches the pulp (inner tissue) of a tooth, infection and a host of painful symptoms can result, eventually causing tooth loss. A root canal is the complete removal of the pulp. This relieves pain, eliminates infection, and preserves the exterior tooth structure? But a root canal is painful, right?

    A Root Canal Is Virtually Painless, Prevents Tooth Loss, And Protects Your Oral Health.
    • Gentle techniques, comfortable treatment: A root canal is no more uncomfortable than receiving a filling, thanks to local anesthesia and modern techniques. Meanwhile, it can stop the considerable pain of a tooth infection.
    • Root canal therapy eliminates the need for extraction: By removing infected tissue, the healthy exterior can continue to contribute to chewing and other functions. The remaining tooth structure is usually restored with a crown.
    • Prompt treatment helps you avoid serious oral health issues: A dental infection can affect surrounding teeth and gum tissue. It can also cause deterioration of the jawbone.