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    Dental Sinus Lift on the maxilla

    Sinus lifting or augmentation is a relatively new but effective surgical procedure. It’s prescribed to 60% of patients who need dental prosthetics. Many people wonder how much does sinus lift surgery cost? So, we will tell you about the procedure pricing and answer many other questions to help you learn more.

    What Is Dental Sinus Lift?

    Sinus lift surgery involves increasing the amount of bone in the upper jaw for subsequent implant placement. The procedure is necessary in case of insufficient thickness or atrophy of the bone tissue in the posterior maxilla. All the work is performed by a qualified dentist – a periodontist or maxillofacial surgeon, and the price of this procedure varies from dentistry to dentistry. Many people believe that the costs are sky-high, although affordable surgeries still exist. Noteworthy, Advanced Wellness Center offers the most reasonable sinus lift cost in Fort Lauderdale meanwhile providing comprehensive, quality care for the oral health of our patients.


    Benefits of Dental Sinus Lifting

    Before considering the pricing of sinus augmentation, you may want to know whether it’s a good idea at all. And sinus lifting procedures have many benefits:

    • easier and more secure dent implant placement
    • mouth function restoration
    • gum disease treatment
    • attractive smile and overall appearance improvement
    • further bone loss prevention

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Oral Surgery Sinus Lift – Types & Process

    The cost of sinus lift depends on the type of procedure you need – internal or external. And only surgeons determine which method will work best for you. Explore the peculiarities of each sinus lift type to know what pricing and procedure to expect.

    Internal sinus lift

    Internal elevation is done if there is at least 6-8 mm of native bone. To create enough depth for implant placement, the dentist partially drills out the bone and taps the base of the resulting hole in an upward direction. The surgeon then syringes the bone graft and can place the implants right away. Are you curious about the prices? The sinus lift procedure cost is affordable, and the process is rather quick.

    External sinus lift

    Dentists recommend this procedure if there is less than 5 mm of native bone left. The surgeon cuts the gum to expose the jawbone, makes a small round window into the bone tissue, and lifts the sinuses membrane. The resulting space is then filled with grafting material. The implant is placed only at the end of the healing period – in 4-12 months. The sinus lift surgery price is usually higher when using this technique.

    Cost of Sinus Lift Surgery

    Sinus lift pricing depends on the size of the bone to be augmented, the chosen material and its amount, and the complexity of the surgical intervention. A sinus lift dentist will tell you the exact pricing of the surgery only after completing all diagnostic procedures. The total amount may vary, so any preliminary price of a lifted sinus is conditional: you need to be examined by a specialist to know how much you will have to pay. On average, oral surgery sinus lift price ranges between $1 000 and $3 000, while the pricing of implants may reach several thousand dollars depending on the preferred material. At Advanced Wellness Center, we are always happy to help you get your perfect smile back by providing you with high-quality treatment at a good price.


    Ivan Matosevic
    Ivan Matosevic

    Excellent service, worth every penny! Strongly recommend.

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    Vicky Melton

    By far the most sincere and understanding dentist in Broward County I have ever been too. Thank you very much

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    Tim Farley

    The hygentist did a great job of cleaning my teeth was very knowledgeable and was very pleasant to talk to and even let me listen to good music while she cleaned my teeth

    Sinus Lift Specialists 

    Bone recession and your natural anatomy can place the maxillary sinuses too close to the upper jaw to safely accommodate a dental implant. A sinus lift can safely reposition the sinus membrane and add bone tissue so you can take advantage of an implant-supported restoration. Why would I consider this surgery?

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