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Cosmetic and holistic dentistry in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Dr. Lipovetskiy DMD, Member Of IAOMT,FDA,ADA (With 30 Years Of Experience And A Unique Cosmetic And Wellness Approach)

Dr. Boris Lipovetskiy, a renowned Fort Lauderdale Dentist is proficient in the principles and fundamentals of safe, non-toxic “biocompatible” dentistry.Dr. Lipovetskiy has extensive experience in dentistry. He graduated Tufts Dental schoolin 1994 and the Permskaya Dental Academy in Russia in 1988.

Committed to excellence for the benefit of his patients, Dr. Lipovetskiy has never stopped expanding his knowledge, including focused training in laser treatment, full mouth reconstruction, and cosmetic dentistry at the esteemed LVI. He continues to take relevant training in innovative dental techniques and materials, integrating them with proven treatments.

Advanced Dental Wellness is a cosmetic, biological dental wellness center with a holistic approach. They believe there is a systemic connection between the mouth and the entire body and, to that end, use the safest protocols and latest technologies to ensure their patients are well protected while becoming healthier overall.

Advanced Dental Wellness Center

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