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Impacted Wisdom Teeth Fort Lauderdale

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    Are Wisdom Teeth That Have Been Impacted Often Removed?

    Numerous patients need wisdom teeth extraction. Is it easy to detect affected wisdom teeth?

    Your Dentist Will Examine Your Bite To Determine Whether Your Wisdom Tooth Is Impacted

    What do I if I believe I have a wisdom tooth that has been impacted?

    Have an Appointment with Your Dentist Immediately

    Impacted wisdom teeth, if left unchecked, will trigger severe oral health problems and even move the teeth out of alignment. At the first indication of discomfort, schedule an appointment with your dentist in Fort Lauderdale so they can administer a prompt extraction to dissolve the tooth and secure your smile.

    Numerous factors may result in an impacted wisdom tooth. Each form of impaction may have a negative effect on your smile's health and beauty.

    Who is at Risk for Impacted wisdom tooth?

    Young Adults and Adolescents Face the Most Danger

    Wisdom teeth usually erupt between the ages of 17 and 25. Patients in this age category should pay close attention to any improvements in their bite and be on the lookout for signs of impaction.

    What Cause Impacted wisdom teeth?

    When wisdom teeth get stuck under the gums or bone, they may become impacted, creating significant discomfort. When wisdom teeth get stuck, they are prone to deterioration and can also cause harm to neighboring teeth. As such, wisdom teeth that are affected need withdrawal. How can I determine whether or not my wisdom teeth are impacted?

    Certain Factors Prevent the Eruption of Wisdom Teeth

    Due to the fact that wisdom teeth are the last to develop, many patients may lack enough space for wisdom teeth to develop properly.

    Teeth Expansion Can Be Unpredictable: Teeth explosion can be unpredictable. Some develop in at inconvenient angles. This will result in them being stuck under the jaw or beneath the gums.

    Wisdom Teeth Impaction Also Causes Pain & Other Unpleasant Symptoms:

      • Pain: Serious pain can occur in the teeth, gums, jaws, and even the ears. This may happen as a result of pressure or illness.
      • Tenderness, Bleeding, and Swelling: Noticeably sore or swollen gums are a typical sign of wisdom teeth that have been affected. Additionally, you can feel any bleeding as a result of gum inflammation.
      • Breath Problems or an Unpleasant Taste: An infection triggered by an impacted wisdom tooth may leave the mouth smelling or tasting bad.

    Impacted Teeth

    Wisdom teeth can become impacted when they are trapped under the gums or bone, causing considerable pain. When trapped, wisdom teeth can easily decay and may even damage surrounding teeth. As such, impacted wisdom teeth require extraction. How do I know if my wisdom teeth are impacted?

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