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Fort Lauderdale Lymphatic Facial Drainage

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    104 SE 1st Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

    Lymphatic Facial Drainage

    A lymphatic drainage facial is a soothing and relaxing massage using gentle but effective brushing motions to reduce swelling. This is flow massage, which help to reduce toxins and help fight infection and increases your body's immune system. Lymphatic Facials are to restore a youthful & desirable appearance without invasive techniques or pharmaceuticals.

    Lymphatic Facial Goals :

    • Reduce swelling
    • Reduce pain
    • Improve healing
    • Create a better appearance

    One session: $ 175 - 75 min
    Package: 4 sessions * $ 150 = $ 600
    + 1 Free

    Our Customer Reviews

    "Best dentist and best dental hygienist I have ever worked with in my entire life! They are professional, patient, and for the first time in years I am comfortable going back to the dentist. Outstanding experience and I highly recommend their office to everyone!"

    Daniel Rosenburg