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Fort Lauderdale Facial Massage

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    104 SE 1st Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

    Facial Massage

    Facial massage is a preventive and all-natural method of healing the skin and muscles. The procedure can:

    • Prevent the appearance of wrinkles
    • Increase skin tone
    • Improve blood circulation and
      relieve swelling
    • Improve complexion.

    It enhances regeneration and healing after dental treatment. It also gives a healthy glow. The massage affects the jaw muscles, which relax
    the muscles of the face, head, and neck after dental treatment and injections.

    Massage & Facial With Dermalogica

    This comprehensive curative treatment begins with a thorough skin analysis and continues with deep cleansing and exfoliation, a blissful facial massage and individually customized mask. Skin is rehydrated and your complexion is revived.

    One session: $ 85 - 60 min

    Buccal Sculpture Massage

    It is truly the “natural face lift”. Regular sessions will tighten and lift facial muscles, helping to prevent sagging, and creating a more youthful glow.

    Benefits include:

    • Sculpting, Lifting, Definition
    • Softening of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Lymphatic Drainage and Detoxification
    • Deep Relaxation of the Facial Muscles and TMJ
    • Stimulation of Collagen and Elastin, Smooth and Supple Skin
    • Helps to Release Stored Emotions.

    One session: $ 175 - 75 min
    Package: 4 sessions * $ 150 = $ 600
    + 1 Free

    Fresh From Nature Facial

    This specialized treatment targets specific skin care needs, which include cleansing,
    exfoliation, extractions, LED therapy to the stimulate collagen and a specialized mask.
    The results produce a clearer and smoother complexion.

    One session: $ 175 - 80 min


    Is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure for facial rejuvenation. Micro-needling creates a channel or micro-wound that triggers the body to heal and fill these micro-wounds by producing new collagen and elastin.

    One session: $ 350
    with PRP - $ 550

    Our Customer Reviews

    "Best dentist and best dental hygienist I have ever worked with in my entire life! They are professional, patient, and for the first time in years I am comfortable going back to the dentist. Outstanding experience and I highly recommend their office to everyone!"

    Daniel Rosenburg