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Causes Gum Disease

What Causes Gum Disease and How to Prevent or Treat

Gum disease is the most common dental problem that 7 out of 10 people are going to experience at one point in their lives, according to the Canadian Dental Association (CDA). Because the onset and early stages are painless, some people tend to underestimate this

Covid-19 What You Can do to Protect Yourself

The Corona (COVID-19) virus has many questioning what can I do to prevent from getting the virus? What can I do to protect myself and more so what are my healthcare providers doing to protect me? First and foremost, we here at the Advanced Wellness

obstructive sleep apnea

Relationship between obstructive sleep apnea

We would like to discuss the relationship between obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), chronic pain, headaches, TMJ and bruxsism.  Dentists have the opportunity to evaluate the oral airway at every visit and 1/3 of the adult population may have sleep disorder, breathing, SBD condition or jaw/facial